January 2020  

First Step has been serving men and women in the greater Bangor area for 30 years.  We started as a place for young women to come and find out if they were pregnant.  Over the years, our services have grown to include parenting education, limited ultrasounds, and after abortion support.  
We exist to empower women to make informed decisions regarding an unexpected pregnancy. Our staff and volunteers are able to meet the needs of each client by providing information, encouragement, bible studies, classes, and practical help in a safe environment.‚Äč

Made with Love
For thou hast possessed my veins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. ~ Psalms 139:13

Spring 2017 update from First Step Pregnancy Resource Center:

Thanks to all who donated because we have our ultrasound machine, and during 2016, we were able to provide ultrasounds to 19 clients.  Of those, 17 chose life!  We continue to praise God for his provision of this program.

Once a month, during the school year, we have the privilege to set up a table in the Memorial Union at the University of Maine in Orono.  What a joy it is to chat with the different students, staff, and visitors we have stop by our table.  Some very quickly take what we are offering and move on; others stop to find out who we are.  On our table, we have candy bars labelled with our information to give to students as they pass by.  As they take the candy bar, it gives us an opportunity to share more about what we do at First Step.  We have an array of brochures and magazines that include information on STDs, abstinence, what happens during each of the abortion methods, fetal development timelines, and personal stories of women who chose to parent or place their baby for adoption.

Please pray for our UMaine outreach.  Although most of the time the experience has been positive, we encounter many people who are misinformed about what we do and what pro-life people are like.  No one is judged or criticized; we share with them lovingly the truth and just offer our support.  Thank you to all who pray for us each month.  It is a great encouragement!

Spring 2018 update from First Step Pregnancy Resource Center:

We are excited that in less than two weeks is Walk for Life!  It is our less than two-mile walk to support our First Step Pregnancy Resource Center and celebrate life!  For us, this is always a fun, joyful time praising the wonderful handiwork of God shown to us through the development of an infant.

We also have several prayer requests:
A former client is interested in taking more parenting classes.  Please pray that the classes will be a help and blessing to him, and that he might have a desire to give himself over to the Lord.
We have a number of parenting classes in session right now and a Bible study is about to start soon.  Please pray for all involved and that we might see a good attendance.
For our Walk for Life, please pray for good weather, safety for all walkers, and a good turnout.
As always, please pray for the Lord to direct clients to us that have an unplanned pregnancy and need our services.  Each child saved is a blessing and a gift.

Thank you once again for your faithfulness in prayers and giving.  God bless!

Spring 2018 update from First Step Pregnancy Resource Center:

Spring is fast approaching!  What a beautiful time of year it is!  As we watch plant life begin to sprout and grow, we are reminded of the new life available in Jesus Christ.  With springtime, comes the Walk for Life.

In the past year, we have been blessed to share the gospel with many clients, to provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, options counseling, Bible studies, prenatal and parenting classes, Abortion Recovery Bible studies, free maternity clothes and baby supplies up to age 2, and Healthy Lifestyle Classes (Abstinence) in local area junior and senior high schools.  We have seen women choose life for their unborn children and have stood in the gap with them.  Giving them supplies and support, both material and spiritual.

The Walk for Life is May 11th, 2019.  Registration is at 8AM, and the Walk begins at 9AM.  The proceeds from this fundraiser enable us to provide our services free of charge to our clients.  It is a fun, family-oriented event!  Would you and your congregation consider joining us?  We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for your help and support!  We empower individuals to make informed decisions because life is a gift from God.  God bless!