August 2019   
G Paul Victor

G. Paul Victor

Church Planter in India

January 2018 update from G. Paul Victor, missionary to India:

Greetings to you in Jesus’ name!  By the grace of God and through your prayers, the ministry is progressing day-to-day with our ongoing ministries.  The Lord blessed the year 2017 in many ways, and we are thankful to God for every opportunity He allowed us to have.  During 2017, we were able to accomplish what the Lord wanted us to do.  Often times, we faced tough situations when doing evangelism in the villages.  There have been several discouraging and disappointing moments.  Sometimes, we feel that things are going very slowly in the mission field with tracts being refused and some are even torn up in front of our eyes.  We have even had our lives threatened, but Praise God!  The Lord continues to allow us to be a blessing to so many individuals and families through all our efforts as we try to reach the lost.  It’s easy to serve Jesus Christ when people receive you gladly, but when things are hard, that’s the time when need to be faithful and committed to our master.  Thank God for the souls saved and the people who have joined churches.  These Christians are growing in the Word of God and staying faithful while witnessing to a lost world.

2017 facts: There were 12,727 souls saved by 200 native missionaries, an average of 63 souls per native missionary.  There were 3,917 people baptized by 200 native missionaries, and average of 19 baptized per native missionary.  Each native missionary distributed 100 tracts per month, meaning that 240,000 tracts were distributed for the year 2017.

In my personal soul winning and through my preaching, the Lord used me to lead 200 precious souls to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  I also had the privilege to baptize 52 people.

All the glory to the Lord.  I don’t take anything for granted because we have an awesome God!

June & July 2018 update from G. Paul Victor, missionary to India:

Gracious greeting from home to your church families.  We pray for the forward progress of your labors in America.  I am humbled by the privilege God has given me to serve him in this place.  I am also grateful for the prayers of God's people.  May we always make prayer our first resort rather than our last.  We are all praying for your ministries as well.

On June 13th, I underwent surgery on my left knee.  Excision of sac - Prepatella Bursitis at Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad.  The surgery was successful.  I thank the Lord for all His grace upon me.  Later, I came to my hometown in Visakhapatnam.  I am recovering well after my surgery.  Thank you for all your prayers for me.

Gospel to Asia native missionaries are moving forward with a desire in their heart to reach the unreached and win souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.  In these recent times in India, things are changing against Christians and churches.  The Hindu religion is promoting their campaign and training people to attack Christians and Christian missionaries.  Often times, we are opposed by the Hindu protesters and village chiefs along with the youth.  They try to prevent us from entering into their villages.  Despite all these things, the Lord is using the native missionaries to keep continuing the work in reaching people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Currently, 200 native missionaries are co-laboring with us.  During the months of June and July, among all the native missionaries, 4,000 Gospel tracts were distributed, 600 were saved, and 230 were baptized. AMEN!

Beginning on June 11th, we stated 100 days of Bible studies in the homes of the members of Grace Baptist Temple in Visakhapatnam from 7PM to 9PM daily.  Our goal is to train soul winners who can in turn lead others to Christ and train them.  Also, we are targeting men to prepare them to be strong Godly men who can lead their families.  Our folk have been suffering with the economic crises.  Almost all are having a very difficult time financially.  The devil has used this to cause some to grow cold and backslide.  Most urgently, we need dedicated men.  We would ask that you remember us before the Lord in this regard.  We are very much aware of the necessity of Godly men in the work of the Lord.  Please pray for our team leaders, Kodi Chinna Rao, Korra Appa Rao, Rapa David Raju, and Baipa Prasad.

Thank you for your prayers for Sharon Grounds.  It's a mission property with Acs 15.45 Cts.  In October of 2016, we received a notice stating that the national highway was planning to construct a 6-lane highway, and the government wanted to acquire 8.5 acres.  Many of you have prayed for this situation and later we approached the court and the court passed interim orders not allowing them to take more than what was required to build a toll plaza.  We have totally depended on the mighty hand of the Lord.  Last week, the national highway stated their preliminary work on the existing highway for the preparations to commence the project.  We are not sure how much land the national highway will take from us.  Please kindly uphold this in your prayers.
Sharon Baptist Church and its ministries on the property are going on well.  Regular church services on Sunday and Wednesday are going on, and the missionary outreach to the surrounding 25 villages is going on as well.  Our focus at Sharon grounds is to reach the unreached.  Please continue to pray for this ministry.

Dr. Joseph's school and orphanage is functioning steadily.  We had issues with the building inspection from the government.  Recently, with the part donation of $10,000 from Heritage Baptist Church, Yuma, AZ, we have completed 2 floors (painting, fixing electrical, plumbing, and flooring).  We have to finish another 2 floors and complete the painting on the outside of the building.  We still need another $15,000 to complete the project.  Please kindly pray for the needs of this ministry.  The students have a good education in a godly atmosphere.  A special thanks to Mr. Aswini Rejesh and Dr. David Smock for their generosity toward this ministry.

Our future prayer requests:
Please pray for a van for our evangelism ministry; pray for the political and social situations in India; pray from sister Rajeswarmma, who is suffering with cancer; pray for sister Kavithamma, who is suffering with Breast Cancer; pray for sister Sanyasamma, who is suffering with partial paralysis; pray for sister Baipa Santhoshamma's health issues; and pray for our native missionaries and their families.

Always thank you so much for your prayers and support!  You all have His love!


August & September 2018 update from G. Paul Victor, missionary to India:

Greetings in Jesus' name!  Believers in India are preparing for 100 hours of fasting and praying at Grace Baptist Temple, Visakhapatnam, South India.  The fasting prayers begin from 10th September 2018 and concludes on the 15th of September 2018.  Our focus for the fasting prayers is to pray for the persecuted churches around the world.  Many Christian believers, missionaries, and churches are under high persecution.  In India, I, myself, am experiencing and witnessing the persecution in the ministry.  We are experiencing and encountering anti-Christian mobs to disturb the peace and cause confusion among the people and obstructing us not to do evangelism and personal soul-winning.  We believe many parts in the world today are experiencing some level of persecution.  Therefore, our church has decided to go for 100 hours of fasting prayers.  May we request each one of you to join with us to pray for the persecuted churches.  In the year, 2018, this is the 3rd time our church feels the importance of prayer and decided to have the fasting prayer schedule.

Fasting and prayer does not change God.  It changes us.  It is not twisting God's arm to get Him to do our bidding, but rather positioning ourselves to receive the grace He freely gives and to do His bidding.
Fasting and prayer combined removes the hinderances to our peace.  It ensures the sincerity of our humility, repentance, and acceptance of pardon so that we no longer feel estranged from God.  It effectively appeals for God's protection from harm and victory over the enemy of our souls so that we overcome feelings of weakness and vulnerability.  it helps us humble ourselves and lift others who are oppressed so that we vanquish tensions from our relationships.
Fasting and prayer combined also aids us in progressing in our walk with God.  It helps us draw closer to Him in consistency of devotion and worship.  It brings an increase in spiritual blessing and understanding.  It empowers us for ministry and enables us to effectively impart spiritual gifts and empowerment to others for fruitful ministry in their lives.
Fasting is a key to a revitalized prayer life and an empowered ministry.  I pray that God motivates us to make it a regular discipline in our lives and to appeal to Him during time of prayer and fasting to grant each of these benefits that we find ourselves in need of so that we can experience a more fruitful ministry in His service.

Please continue to kindly pray for Sharon Grounds.  Sharon Grounds is a mission property.  The Lord gave the property to us in the year 2002.  The total extent is 15.45 acres.  The Government wants to build toll plaza and the government wants to acquire 8.5 acres of the Trust lands without paying any compensation.  This proposal came in the year 2016 and the government issued a notice to the Trust also.
On the mission property, we constructed administrative building, church, care-taker's quarters, and rest is plantation with underground irrigation.
Actually, with 4 acres, the government can finish constructing the toll plaza.  With no other go we approached the court in the year 2017, and the court gave an interim order not to construct any buildings except toll booths.  The interim order is will in force.
As the matter stood, thus, 10 days back, the National Highway authorities entered the property with land leveling heavy equipment and informed us they came to level the 8.5 acres for the purpose of constructing the toll plaza.  We informed them that there is a court case pending and showed them the copies of the interim orders, and they left.
Now, the Government of India, trying to vacate the interim order in the court in order to proceed to construct the toll plaza.  Our arguments in the court is, we are not objecting the highway road lane widening and the construction of the toll plaza because it is for a public cause, but the government does not require 8.5 acres to construct the toll plaza.  It can be completed with less land.  Please kindly pray that the court will pass appropriate the final order.  Please pray for Trust attorney and the Judge who is going to hear the case.

Always share your prayer requests to my e-mail:

November & December 2018 update from G. Paul Victor, missionary to India:

Greeting from India. By the grace of God and through your prayers, we are doing well and keep moving forward despite challenges in our lives and ministries. We want to thank the Lord for His divine grace and protection in our lives. We are coming to the end of the year, and when I look back and count His blessing, I can't thank the Lord enough of what He has done in our ministries with 200 native missionaries and their mission fields. We have faced tough times in the ministry this year, yet we've seen souls saved and baptized. The task it challenging to reach the lost and to preach the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Savior. I will share with you two illustrations of how the native missionaries face adversity.

On Saturday morning, October 23rd as 7AM, Pastor Thomas Wilson and the Evangelistic team of 30 people travelled to a pair of rural villages in the interior Vizianagaram District. After completing the morning session, the team had their lunch. While the team was eating, some unknown anti-Christian people inserted alcohol bottles underneath the driver's seat. After lunch, without knowing what had happened, the Evangelistic team stated travelling to another village. The police stopped and inspected the vehicle, found the liquor bottles, arrested the Christian driver, and seized the van. The case is pending in court. Innocent believers who are dedicated to serving our Savior are going through tough times. Please kindly pray for this situation.

On Saturday, November 3rd, I with an Evangelistic team of 25 people visited Ponnavolu, Narasayyapeta, Dibburu, and Vommali for a day of outreach evangelism. After we complete street preaching and distribution of gospel tracts, we went to the Calvary Baptist Church on the hilltop. The church has a thatched roof and is surrounded by thick bushes. The children and women entered the church and the men followed. As soon as we entered the church, we spotted a 6-foot cobra inside the church. We were scared, but the Lord protected all of us. After a few moments, the snake jumped outside and left. Please pray for the believers of Calvary Baptist Church.

Please kindly pray for our mission property - Sharon Grounds. The Lord gave the 15.45-acre property to us in 2002. In 2016, the Government decided to build a toll plaza and take 8.5 acres of Sharon Grounds without paying any compensation. With no other option, we approached the court in 2017, and the court gave an interim order not to construct any building (construction) except toll booths. The interim order is still in effect. Despite that, 10 days ago, the National Highway Authority's contractors entered the property with land leveling heavy equipment and informed us they came to level the 8.5 acres to construct the toll plaza. We informed them that there is a court case pending and showed them copies of the interim orders and they left. Now, the Government of India is trying to vacate the interim order in the court to proceed with constructing the toll plaza. Our argument to the court is that we are not objecting to the highway road lane widening and the construction of a toll plaza because it is for a public cause, but the Government does not require 8.5 acres to construct the toll plaza. It can be built by taking less of our land (approximately less than 4 acres). Please pray that the court will pass an appropriate final order. Please pray for our attorney and the heart of the judge who is going to hear our case.

I was supposed to be in the U.S. in October and November. I had scheduled around 15 meeting, but due to the toll plaza issue at the Sharon Grounds mission property, I was unable to travel. It's a big responsibility to oppose the Government officials in court. My presence in India is very much needed. Therefore, I informed all of the pastors for whom I was scheduled to speak of the situation here and my need to cancel the trip. The Lord blessed, and despite not being able to preach and share our ministry here in India, several churches decided to take us on for support. Praise God!

On behalf of the entire team of Gospel to Asia Ministries, we want to say thank you for praying and supporting us, and we wish you a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and "BEST WISHES TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES AT CHRISTMASTIME AND ALL YEAR LONG!"