March 2018  

Chloe, Caleb, & Malachi

An update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

2017 went by very fast and experienced a lot of victories.  We had our 6-week soulwinning campaign and had great results.  December 17th was the last Sunday of our soulwinning campaign.  During the week before, we spoke to over 1,500 people about the Gospel and invited them to church.  We had over 450 first-time guests.  Our Sunday morning and afternoon services were jam-packed with people.  We even ran out of chairs!  I even brought out my couches and dining table chairs but still didn't have enough seats. We cut cardboard boxes so people wouldn't have to sit on the dirt floor.  Praise the Lord for those who came forward during the invitation and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Saviour.  One of the highlights that brought me to tears is when I heard my two boys, Caleb and Malachi, sing with our English children's group.  Praising God for His goodness and choosing someone unworthy like me to be in the ministry!

On December 22nd, we had an all night soulwinning event.  We praised God for all of our soulwinners who went out past midnight.  We thank God for allowing us to chare the Gospel to so many people throughout that night.

On December 31st, we had a wonderful year-end service.  Four of our faithful young adults got baptized.  I praise the Lord for using our small church in Baguio City, Philippines, to share the Gospel to at least 3,874 people through personal soulwinning and 2,072 of them came for the first-time to our church during 2017.  I am very thankful that we have seen new converts baptized every week, a total of 125 for the whole year.  Thank you to those who prayed and supported our ministry with their time, talents, and treasures.  I am very thankful that I am where God wants me to be and doing what He wants me to do.  I thank God for the members of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church for making soulwinning a lifestyle.  Thank the Lord for all their hard work and their love for me and my family.

We had a special service on New Year's Day.  I praise the Lord for the great turnout despite many of our folks are in their provinces.  We even had a first time guest who trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.  What a great start to the year 2018!  God used our church on the first day of the year for someone to hear the Gospel!  During the month of January, 508 people were invited to LBBC, 114 of them came at first-time guest and 24 were saved and baptized!

My son, Caleb's, 10th birthday was January 28th.  I asked Caleb what he wanted for his birthday, and he told me that he wanted a smaller version of my pulpit.  He and Malachi woke up that Sunday morning and got dressed for church, so they could practice preaching at Caleb's new pulpit!  It is a great joy to see my boys having the desire to preach!  Glory to God!!!

Again, I would like to thank you for supporting and praying for our ministry.  Please keep these special prayer requests in your prayers: purchase another vehicle for our church and start a Christian school.  Also, please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all of our needs to reach more people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are also getting ready for our 6-week soulwinning campaign starting with our workers banquet on February 16th and will end on our 12th anniversary on Sunday, March 18th.