October 2017  

Ken & Debbie 

May/June 2017 update from Ken Norris & Family, missionaries to the Navajo:

God has blessed our family with two more grandchildren!  The two grandkids came 3 days apart.  On May 24th, our oldest son Kenny, and his wife, Carole, welcomed the birth of their 3rd biological child: Kelly Marie Robin Norris.  Just 3 days later, they went to court to witness the final of their adoption of the boy that they had been fostering for nearly 2 years.  On May 27th, Martin Robert Romero Norris, at the age of 10 years old, officially became their 4th child and our 7th, but oldest, grandchild!  Also, our 8th grandchild is due in August!  Please pray for blessings for our family as we continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just over 10 years ago, we started Diné Baptist of Phoenix.  During the first week of May, a group from that church drove up 5 hours to be with us in our Sunday morning worship service at Navajo Fellowship Baptist Church.  Their service to our people here in Page, Arizona was a great blessing.  Each one of them shared their personal testimony of how God saved them and is changing them each day to be more like Jesus.  Our hearts were lifted to praise as they sang, and their pastor, Robby, stirred our hearts as he challenged us to pray, expecting great things from our heavenly father.

Our Navajo youth camp was the week of June 5-9.  Please be in prayer for the children reached and that their new found fire for God will be evident to their families!  Thank you for your support!

September 2017 update from Ken Norris & Family, missionaries to the Navajo:

In June we had our Navajo Youth Camp in Kirtland, NM. We had 6 churches represented with over 80 in attendance.  God be praised for the heart with which pastor Matt Brecht from North Pointe Baptist Church spoke.  Many positive decisions for Christ were made, including a high school senior from our church!

What a surprise!  A small delegation from the Dine’ Baptist Church in Phoenix, which we started over 10 years ago, came to Navajo Fellowship Baptist Church here in Page, AZ.  After driving 5 hours & sleeping in tents the night before, they joined us for church the next morning.  Their purpose for coming was to encourage NFBC to remain strong during the struggling process of God’s work to re-establish them in the community.  While moderated by their pastor Robby Little, they lead us to worship our great God through their wonderful singing and miraculous salvation testimonies!  Robby ended the service with a challenging message, “PRAYER: Taking It to Jesus!”  God be praised!
Since we left Dine’ Baptist in Phoenix over 2 years ago, we have witnessed the same pattern in it that we saw with the church in Black Mesa 13 years ago. - both churches flourished under Navajo leadership!

If Navajo Fellowship Baptist Church is to flourish, it needs a Navajo pastor – and the sooner the better!  There are 2 men, outside the church, that I am watching for this position.  However, it would be years before the church could afford one them to come!  We need to raise $85k to pay off their $49k mortgage, which was $400k 20 years ago, and help to provide a church parsonage.  This small and struggling church is committed to get back on track…they just need a hand up!