March 2018  

Lovimie “Don Don” & Gina 
Bethany, Biboy, & Brielle 

August 2017 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Warm Christian greetings from the island of Mandanao Philippines!

Our island was under martial law since the month of May because of the presence of terrorism in the place of Marawi which is 4 hours’ drive away from our place.  By God's grace and protection, we are all safe and our place is safe and peaceful with the presence of the government troops from every place.  This situation will last until the end of this year of until the presence of terrorism will be totally eliminated.  We thank you and appreciate your prayers for us.

Our work in the ministry continues, Bible studies, soul winning, and evangelism.  We have had many visitors.  Sunday after Sunday, the Gospel is being shared.  God is saving souls.

Our constructions is still on-going as the Lord provides.  The prices of construction materials are getting higher.  We just finished constructing the ground floor's beam and soil filling has been completed.  We are now worry-free since our place is flood-prone.  I will keep you informed further as the Lord gives progress.  So again, much appreciation for your prayers and concern.   We are forever grateful!  Until then, I bid you and yours God speed!

December 2017 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Thankful for the victories of 2017 as the year will come to an end, and once again, we are witnesses of God’s faithfulness.  God’s grace and provision are sufficient, and we become victorious in all the challenges we have faced.

This year, we were able to fully paid our church lot property and was able to elevate it, but the church building construction is still in progress.  Souls got saved through the preaching of God’s word and new members were added to the church.  Our mission work marked its 4th year anniversary, and during the celebration, twenty souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.  Members are more dedicated and growing in faith.  Our ministry continues and praying that God will bless us more and enlarge our coast, leading more souls to Christ and creating more dedicated followers of Christ.  What a mighty God we serve!  He deserves all of our praises and service.

We are more than thankful in your partnership to our ministry.  Thank you for all of your prayers and financial support; me, my family, and church family are forever grateful.  We keep you in our prayers and thanking all of you for every second spent praying for me and our ministry and for all the support you have offered - of every kind.

We pray that God would continue to bless you.  May you all have had a blissful holiday season!