December 2017  
The Shrivnauths

Noel & Charlene 
Gretel, Elsie, & Nolan 

July/August 2017 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

In July and August when our attendances go down because of school break, God still blessed with 111 saved and 15 baptized in the church and its ministries. 

Our VBS was a tremendous blessing.  It was absolutely remarkable how God worked.  A total of 690 attended for the three days ranging from ages four to eighteen.  Forty-seven received salvation.  We are following up on each one and trying to reach others in their families for Christ.  The VBS theme was simple – “My son, give me thine heart.”  God worked mightily each day, especially on the third day.  Over 100 teens made wholesome decisions to stay pure, get involved in church, and allow God to use them.  Several of them made decisions for full-time service.  We had a skit about the True Heart, Evil Heart, Young Christian, and the King.  Each day the Evil Heart tried his best to get Young Christian to do wrong and to disobey God’s Word.  The True Heart tried to persuade Young Christian to listen to the voice of the King.  Finally, Young Christian decided to listen to the voice of the King.  In doing so, his reward was true riches and heavenly rewards.  On the final day, a big treasure chest was given to him.  It was filled with gold and precious jewels.  This was one of the best we have had.   

We are gearing up next month for our mid-October faith promise mission conference.  It is always one of our most anticipated events in the church.  I love world missions and the opportunity it affords to give more to reach the lost around the world.  Until that time we are staying in the vineyard keeping busy with the harvest.  Please stand with us and thank you for persistently praying for us. 

September/October 2017 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

In October, we had our annual missions conference.  This is really one of the highlights of the year in our church's calendar.  The theme was "That They Might Hear" - Romans 15:21.  The international missions banquet was a feast.  It featured food that included cuisines from Martinique, Morocco, Myanmar, and Montenegro.  We enjoyed the preaching and the excitement that goes with world missions.  I was excited about the fact that a faithful teen girl in the church answered God's call to be a missionary.  The faith promise commitments of the people were good.  I believe more people are giving to faith promise this year compared to the last couple of years.  Lastly, I have to say that the music for the conference was fresh, Spirit-filled, and upbeat.  All the songs focused on world missions.  I can't wait to see what God will do with our people and in our church for worldwide missions for this coming year.

We have been busy in the last several months trying to finish the ground floor of our church.  There have been some delays, but things are coming along smoothly.  In the ministry from September through October, we saw 136 saved and 16 baptized.

As I sit here writing, I am thinking about Christmas.  It won't be long now.  I love Christmastime more than all other holidays.  Ever since I was little, I would hear the songs of Christmas, and though I was not saved at the time, they would draw me to this mysterious Babe of Bethlehem in the "yonder stall," as one of the Christmas carols sings.  I am glad that a little later on I got saved.  Then there is that Christmas tree - festive and decorated.  It stands cheerfully undaunted by the winter's chill.  It reminds me of another tree so long ago.  In the midst of the coldness of unbelief, the ravages of satanic onslaught, it stood.  On it hung the Loving Lord of Glory in crimson red.  Because He paid the ransom for my sins and yours, we can now enjoy the beautiful things He offers us - peace, forgiveness, joy, eternity in our hearts, and eternal life for our souls.  Those are truly wonderfully beautiful gifts.  Christmas is, without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year.  Think of it.  You get holiday snacks, hot chocolate, and cookies; you get to savor the aromas of Christmas morning breakfast; and then, the opening of pretty gifts wrapped in love, warming the soul with holiday cheer.  It all brings this wonderful season of joyful songs and merry wishes into sharp focus.  We get to celebrate the zenith moment in history that a Saviour was born - the express image of the invisible, omnipotent God.  On one bright future day, that I believe is hastening very near, we will walk on streets of gold.  We will live in His abiding, glorious, majestic, everlasting presence.  Have a Merry Christmas to all of you.