February 2018  
The Woods

Gib & Kathy

August 2017 update from Gib & Kathy Wood, missionaries to Germany:

It is a unique privilege to serve as the missionary and pastor for an American military congregation in Germany.  To be able to participate in the promotion of some of those same people is icing on the cake!  When Stephanie Riley was promoted to Captain, I was invited to pray.  To share the Gospel in my prayer was an awesome!

It is a personal privilege to spend time with Dr. Wilbur & Dot McBride.  In our last update, we shared that Kathy's dad has been dealing with Alzheimer's disease for quite some time.  While dad's condition is about the same, it’s a joy to spend a few days with them in early June.  Mom & Dad have both invested so much in our lives, and we owe them a debt we can never repay.  Please continue to pray for them as they navigate this voyage.  On another note, we had the joy of having all of our kids & our two granddaughters, Eliza Lindstam & Eden Wood, together during our visit.

It is a vital privilege to work with children.  The future, whether it's of the family, of the nation, or of the church, is wrapped up in the future of our kids.  That's why we're so committed to the importance of VBS and Summer Bible Camp ministries.  In June, the Rheinland Baptist VBS was a great success.  We have had several families start attending our services as a result.  In July, I directed a three week junior and senior high camp ministry in Belgium.  During that time, we saw 6 teens saved and many others make decisions for the Lord.

It is an awesome privilege to partner with you to reach people in Germany, and Europe, with the gospel.  We thank you for your support.  May the Lord richly bless you!

November 2017 update from Gib & Kathy Wood, missionaries to Germany:

For each of the last four years, I have been privileged to invest in the lives of young ministry students in India through the Mangalore Baptist Bible Institute (MBBI).  Begun by missionary, Harry Rasqhina, MBBI exists to equip Indian men to stay in India to reach and teach Indian people for Christ.  This year, my teaching responsibility was the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  My co-teacher was missionary to Germany, Walter Clark, who taught the Doctrine of God.

One of the great joys of ministering to our American military is supporting them during the special times of their lives.  Brett and Amanda Bellemore have been a vital part of our ministry at Rhineland Baptist Church for the last two years, and have been active in so many ways.  Brett recently graduated from the United States Air Forces in Europe Non-commissioned Officer Academy.  It was a wonderful privilege to celebrate this major milestone in Brett's career with them.

At Rhineland Baptist Church, we believe that missions is not simply about the world; it's about our obedience in reaching the world.  In October, we hosted our annual Faith Promise Missions Conference with guests from France, Romania, and Tanzania.  We challenged our people to give generously to the Lord, and to consider giving themselves to serve on the mission field!  A fun part of our missions conference is the annual International March where people of all ages participate by dressing in outfits that represent some of the missionaries we are privileged to support as a church body.

As I write this letter to friends and supporters, it is with mixed emotions.  We are thanking the Lord for salvation, for the opportunity to serve Him in Germany, and for the opportunity to partner with you in reaching both Germans and Americans for Christ.  And we are thankful for the heritage we have in Kathy's mom and dad!  After an extended battle with Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Wilbur H. McBride went home to be with the Lord on November 12th at 3AM.  We are grateful that Kathy was able to make it to the States to be with her parents on the last day before Dad graduated into Heaven.  I was grateful for the privilege to preach the funeral service in Dad's honor on Saturday, November 18th, and to conduct the internment service on Monday, November 20th at the Jacksonville, Florida National Cemetery with full military honors.

May you all be encouraged in the Lord and know that we are very grateful for your investment in the work of God among the US Military serving in Germany.

End of 2017 update from Gib & Kathy Wood, missionaries to Germany:

You just never know what's going to happen when you go to the post office.  While checking mail recently, I met a young man, Enrique, from Puerto Rico Army Reserves.  His unit is deployed to the Middle East, and I was able to assist him in finding a certain office for which he was looking.  When I shared with Enrique that I was a missionary/pastor to the military, he shared his salvation testimony with me.  What wonderful fellowship we enjoyed, and he even came to our Friday afternoon prayer time at Rheinland Baptist Church!

For 2017, as you know, Christmas Eve was on Sunday, December 24th.  Our choir and junior church choir put on amazing presentations that were enjoyed by all in attendance.  My message, "Your Most Important Journey," took the vital truths of the Biblical Christmas account to present the Gospel in a clear, concise manner.  The Lord blessed with the salvation of a dear Filipino lady.  The most amazing part of this story is that this lady left Germany in the first week of January!

Men's Monday is our twice monthly men's discipleship ministry.  During 2017, we have been focusing our studies on Spiritual Landmines that men have to face as they seek to live for the Lord.  It's rewarding ministry as men gather for fellowship, concentrated time in the Word of God, and honest prayer.

Kathy and I enjoyed having her mom with us for Christmas and New Years.  It is also a joy for us to serve with you as we glorify God, love people, and serve others.  May the Lord bless you, your church, and your ministry as we all enter into the blessings and challenges of 2018!