October 2017  
The Woods

Gib & Kathy

Audust 2017 update from Gib & Kathy Wood, missionaries to Germany:

It is a unique privilege to serve as the missionary and pastor for an American military congregation in Germany.  To be able to participate in the promotion of some of those same people is icing on the cake!  When Stephanie Riley was promoted to Captain, I was invited to pray.  To share the Gospel in my prayer was an awesome!

It is a personal privilege to spend time with Dr. Wilbur & Dot McBride.  In our last update, we shared that Kathy's dad has been dealing with Alzheimer's disease for quite some time.  While dad's condition is about the same, it’s a joy to spend a few days with them in early June.  Mom & Dad have both invested so much in our lives, and we owe them a debt we can never repay.  Please continue to pray for them as they navigate this voyage.  On another note, we had the joy of having all of our kids & our two granddaughters, Eliza Lindstam & Eden Wood, together during our visit.

It is a vital privilege to work with children.  The future, whether it's of the family, of the nation, or of the church, is wrapped up in the future of our kids.  That's why we're so committed to the importance of VBS and Summer Bible Camp ministries.  In June, the Rheinland Baptist VBS was a great success.  We have had several families start attending our services as a result.  In July, I directed a three week junior and senior high camp ministry in Belgium.  During that time, we saw 6 teens saved and many others make decisions for the Lord.

It is an awesome privilege to partner with you to reach people in Germany, and Europe, with the gospel.  We thank you for your support.  May the Lord richly bless you!