October 2017  
The O'Briens

Patrick & Emily
Courtney, Brooke, & Autumn 

July 2017 update from the O’Briens, missionaries to Newfoundland:

Our summer children's program was the week of July 21st; please be in prayer for the children that attended.  We had a youth group come up from South Carolina to help run the program.  We pray that God will use this trip to call one of those teens into full-time service and maybe even direct them to Newfoundland one day.

In the past couple months, we have, sadly, been to a few funerals of your friends' family members.  Every funeral is sad as we say good bye to a loved one, but when the clergy speaks of heaven and cannot tell of the assurance one can have of heaven, it leave those in attendance with a sense of hopelessness.  Of these funerals, two were Catholic, and they both concluded with a mass.  I had never attended a Catholic mass.  It broke my heart as I listened and watched them perform a ceremony that is essentially another sacrifice of Christ since they believe the elements transform into the actual body and blood of Christ.  Hebrews chapter ten came to mind and made me so thankful that His one-time sacrifice was sufficient for the sins of the whole world.  During the last funeral and mass I attended, I was able to sit by a Bryan, friend of mine that I have witnessed to many times.  I was able to tactfully point out that when Christ died, he died once for all, and the only requirement is faith alone in Jesus Christ.  Since that day, his attitude toward the gospel has changed for the better, and he seems to be more open to it.  Please pray for Bryan's salvation and that the Lord continues to bring about more of these opportunities.

Thank you for the continued prayers, and God bless!