Chloe, Caleb, & Malachi

December 2017/January 2018 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

2017 went by very fast and experienced a lot of victories.  We had our 6-week soulwinning campaign and had great results.  December 17th was the last Sunday of our soulwinning campaign.  During the week before, we spoke to over 1,500 people about the Gospel and invited them to church.  We had over 450 first-time guests.  Our Sunday morning and afternoon services were jam-packed with people.  We even ran out of chairs!  I even brought out my couches and dining table chairs but still didn't have enough seats. We cut cardboard boxes so people wouldn't have to sit on the dirt floor.  Praise the Lord for those who came forward during the invitation and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Saviour.  One of the highlights that brought me to tears is when I heard my two boys, Caleb and Malachi, sing with our English children's group.  Praising God for His goodness and choosing someone unworthy like me to be in the ministry!

On December 22nd, we had an all night soulwinning event.  We praised God for all of our soulwinners who went out past midnight.  We thank God for allowing us to chare the Gospel to so many people throughout that night.

On December 31st, we had a wonderful year-end service.  Four of our faithful young adults got baptized.  I praise the Lord for using our small church in Baguio City, Philippines, to share the Gospel to at least 3,874 people through personal soulwinning and 2,072 of them came for the first-time to our church during 2017.  I am very thankful that we have seen new converts baptized every week, a total of 125 for the whole year.  Thank you to those who prayed and supported our ministry with their time, talents, and treasures.  I am very thankful that I am where God wants me to be and doing what He wants me to do.  I thank God for the members of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church for making soulwinning a lifestyle.  Thank the Lord for all their hard work and their love for me and my family.

We had a special service on New Year's Day.  I praise the Lord for the great turnout despite many of our folks are in their provinces.  We even had a first time guest who trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.  What a great start to the year 2018!  God used our church on the first day of the year for someone to hear the Gospel!  During the month of January, 508 people were invited to LBBC, 114 of them came at first-time guest and 24 were saved and baptized!

My son, Caleb's, 10th birthday was January 28th.  I asked Caleb what he wanted for his birthday, and he told me that he wanted a smaller version of my pulpit.  He and Malachi woke up that Sunday morning and got dressed for church, so they could practice preaching at Caleb's new pulpit!  It is a great joy to see my boys having the desire to preach!  Glory to God!!!

Again, I would like to thank you for supporting and praying for our ministry.  Please keep these special prayer requests in your prayers: purchase another vehicle for our church and start a Christian school.  Also, please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all of our needs to reach more people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are also getting ready for our 6-week soulwinning campaign starting with our workers banquet on February 16th and will end on our 12th anniversary on Sunday, March 18th.


February/March 2018 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord!  I thank that Lord for your prayers and support of our ministry.  Your labor of love is never in vain in the Lord, and you are a big part of what the Lord is doing in our ministry.

On February 16th, we had our soulwinners banquet with a theme of "Workers Together" derived from 2 Corinthians 6:1, "We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain."  This kicked off our 6-week soulwinning campaign.  More than 117 of our soulwinners came to this banquet.  The evening was filled with laughter but the main emphasis was for all of us to work together reaching our city with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On March 18th, we celebrated our 12th year anniversary, and this was the largest crowd we ever had.  We also borrowed chairs from different communities but still ran out of chairs.  The altar was filled with hundreds of people coming to Christ.  My sons, Caleb and Malachi, even sang a special.  Amen!

During March 29-30th, We held our soulwinners camp.  It was a time for us to recharge so we can win for souls for His Glory.  We praise God that we had four of our young people follow the Lord in Baptism during this time.

April 1st was Resurrection Sunday and the last Sunday of our soulwinning campaign.  All day on March 31st, our soulwinners went out to invite people to our Easter service.  We had 42 adults, 40 teens, and 21 children for a total of 103 first-time guests.  Seventy-seven came forward for salvation, and 22 people want to make a public profession of faith through Baptism.

The "Workers Together" 6-week campaign had a great result because our soulwinners worked together.  We talked to 991 people about the Gospel and 486 visited our church.  We had to add a third service on Sundays so we can accommodate all of these new people!  Most of the people who attend our third service are people we have won during this soulwinning campaign.

It is also a great joy to see my two boys, Caleb and Malachi, growing up serving with me in the ministry.  Caleb preached for the first time during our soulwinners service on Saturday mornings.  My sons are my young soulwinning partners.  On April 1st, Caleb and Malachi invited 3 first-time guests, a husband, wife and their two-month-old baby.  They both accepted Christ!  Praise God!

We have some prayer requests for the following months:
Please pray for our protection as we travel and witness.
Pray that other churches will get on board to further support our ministry.
We need to purchase another jeep.
Always pray for the souls here in the Philippines.
Thank you once again for working with us through your prayers and support.

April/May/June update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Greetings from the Medina Family and the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church!  Once again, we are very honored to serve God in the Philippines and having you as our praying partner and supporter.

For the month of April, we were able to share the Gospel to 855 people through personal soulwinning, 205 of those people came to our church for the first time.  We, also, saw 44 baptisms that month.  Thank you for all of the praying that you do to support our ministry.  Please continue to pray as we are in the process of enlarging our auditorium to seat 1,000 people to accommodate the increasing attendance.

During the first week of May, we had our week-long Vacation Bible School and youth camp.  I praise God for the young people who dedicated their lives to the ministry and for enrolling in Bible school.  We had 9 salvations and baptisms.  Once our VBS ended, we celebrated mothers on Mother's Day.  Our church honored all the mother by singing a song for them and giving them each a coffee cup to show our appreciation.  On that day we had 109 professions of faith.

May 24th is Malachi's, my sons, birthday.  To celebrate his 8th birthday, we went to 100 islands and had a great time island hopping while enjoying God's creation.  On May 26th, I was in for a surprise.  While I was studying God's Word, I heard my boys praying with their "play" pulpit in the living room.  I came out to find them imitating preachers by taking turns preaching and leading singing.  Praise God for young, tender hearts!

On Friday, June 1st, we celebrated our 4-year anniversary of our mission work in Caba, La Union.  I was able to preach in the new auditorium, which was completely filled with people.  There were also lines of people outside listening and looking through windows.  Just 4 years ago, we only had an old, well-used tarp as a roof, but now, we have a building.  That day was filled with so much rejoicing to see how God has provided our church building and continues to provide for our mission work.  Many souls have been saved and His work here continues to grow for His glory!

On June 4th, we celebrated James' 6th birthday.  James is an orphan boy who we care for through our ministry.  All he wanted for his birthday was all of us together to share a New York style pizza!  June 12th is the Philippine Independence Day!  It was supposed to rain, but God held the rain for us that day, all day.  After that day, it continued to rain for two weeks.  So, on Father's Day, I had the privilege to baptize 3 people in spite of the cold, rainy weather and the icy cold water.  One of the people who requested baptism for that day was Tatay Nelson, who is 69-years-old.

On June 29th, we celebrated the graduation of 11 people from our Bible school.  Our church, also, celebrated my 42nd birthday with the theme, "Double Honour."  I praise the Lord for our church members, for their love, and for giving me honour on that day.  I give all the glory and honour to God who has counted me worthy to preach to them.

Thank you all for your prayers from my last newsletter when I requested that you pray for us to purchase another jeep.  We have gotten a second jeep to expand our "jeepney" ministry.  We praise God for answered prayers.  We now have two jeeps to use to pick up people for church.  However, these jeeps are always overloaded with people, so we pray that someday, we will be able to have more.

Also, we are starting our building construction.  It is a slow process because of the rain and finances.  We are thanking God that the work is being done little-by-little by volunteers of our church members.  We are looking forward to the completion of this project that will provide a 1,000-seating capacity.  Please continue to pray for the Lord's provision as we continue to build.

We praise and thank God every day for your prayers, financial support, and faith in our ministry.  For the past three months, we have had the privilege to share the Gospel and prayed with 1,647 people, and 339 of them came to church.  Your labour of love is never in vain!  Only heaven will tell the fruits of your investment in our ministry.  Thank you, and we will always thank God and pray for you!

September 2018 Typhoon Update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

I just want to give you all an update regarding the super typhoon we experienced last Saturday, September 15th.  This typhoon was by far the most devastating typhoon our city experienced.  We were not in the center of the storm; however, our city has much devastation.  Our city was isolated due to the mudslides throughout the highways.  Two families from our church have lost their homes and all of their possessions.  One of our church workers almost drowned; fortunately, neighbors were able to get him before he washed away to the river.  His father pumped his heart and praise the Lord he survived!

Five miles from where my father lives, a big mudslide buried a Catholic church while people were still in it.  As of now, they have found 14 bodies and are still looking for 64 more people who are missing; authorities believe that they are all buried there.

Praise God, our church property has no damages!  We still have a great service last Sunday, despite 90% of our members being unable to attend.  We have had no power, but we have the power of God!  Since the typhoon, we have had 3 first-time visitors and 2 salvations.  Our God is still on the throne!

We ask with heavy hearts that you continue to pray for us as we help people rebuild their homes.  Also, please pray for all who have been affected, whether they lost property, loved ones, or both!


December 2018 /  January 2019 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

The year of 2018 was full of many challenges, but we are praising God because with Christ, we are always on the winning side.  We are again giving God all of the glory because He used our church to share the gospel to 4,534 people, who professed their faith in Jesus and 1,380 of them had come to church for the first time.  We have also had 266 people obey the Lord's command and be baptized.  Amen!

We had our first service of the 2019 year on New Year's morning.  I was amazed at how God used our church to see new converts growing in the Lord who had gotten saved during 2018.  We are very excited to see what the Lord is going to do this year as we strive to labour for His glory.  Our theme and prayer for 2019 is that we will all grow in His grace.

Please pray as we start our 7th church since 2006.  We are hoping to find a place where meeting can be held at the start of next month.  There are currently 2 families who have been faithfully attending our Bible studies.

We are very grateful for your support and prayers throughout the years.  It is our prayer that you will continue to pray and support the work that God has entrusted us to do.  May God bless you.

February & March 2019 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

The beginning of 2019 came with many challenges, but as we move forward by winning more souls, God continues to give us victories.  Isaiah 55:11 says "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."  We have many thanks to the Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation, Faith Baptist Church, and the other many churches across the United States who sacrifices to print and ship Bibles and the Scriptures to the Philippines.  The first recipients of the Bibles are the drivers who delivered God's Word.  Praise God, they both trusted Christ as their Saviour!

During the month of February, we started knocking on 500 doors a week.  This resulted with 112 first time visitors at our services, 94 souls won for Jesus, and 23 obeying the Lord in baptism.

For years, we have been praying for Bro. Dayrit, Bro. Silvano, and Bro. Gatus.  They were finally baptized!  All of their children are faithful to attending church over these years.  Don't lose hope, keep praying for your loved ones, and be a good testimony at home.  Praise God!

We did not have our usual annual celebration for our anniversary, but instead, we had a thanksgiving service.  We thanked God for allowing us to have our first service back on March 19, 2006 and allowing our church to reach souls in Baguio City and throughout the Philippines for the past 13 years.  On this special day, we had 25 first-time visitors attend the special service, 20 people raised their hands for salvation, and 12 got baptized.  God continues to bless our efforts as we continue to knock of 500 doors a week.  We were able to share the Gospel to 154 people through personal soul-winning, 85 people came to our church service as first-time visitors, and 25 got baptized for the month of March.  One of these 25 people is Teresita Santos, who after 84 years of life, finally got saved.  She insisted on following the Lord in baptism.  She had to be carried in and out of the baptistry, but praise the Lord!  No one is too old to get saved and follow Christ!

Thank you all for your financial support and fervent prayers for our ministry here.  For the past three months, God has used our church to personally witness to 412 people, with 331 of them attending a church service.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to knock of 500 doors a week.  We are also continuing to expand our auditorium so we can accommodate more people.  Pray that the Lord will continue to provide.  We need at least $7,000 to finish the 2nd phase of our expansion.  God has already supplied the 1st phase of our expansion through the givings of our members and from one of our supporting churches!

My family and I started a new area for soul-winning in La Trinidad, a town next to Baguio City.  We are seeing great results as we bring new believers to church every week.  I am very happy that God is using our family, specially Caleb, who is now 11, and Malachi, who will be 9 in May.  They both work to bring people to church every week.

Also, pray for our upcoming celebration days for the month of May.  Pray for God's provision as we reach more people with the Gospel.  On May 2nd, we will celebrate our thanksgiving service in our church in Tarlac City, and on May 3rd, we will be having a thanksgiving service at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church in La Union.  Then, on May 5th, we will celebrate our 13th anniversary in Baguio City.  Please pray for good weather for that big day.

Once again, we are very thankful for all of your prayers and support of our ministry.  We are hoping that one day, God will allow you all to visit us and see the fruits of your eternal investments.

April, May & June 2019 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

First of all, I would like to apologize that this update is a bit late.  As of June 25th, my schedule got very busy.  I hope and pray for your understanding.  Since my last update letter, God has given us many victories.  Praising God because we are always on the winning side!

The first week of April is the beginning of our summer, and we had our annual family camp at our mission work in La Union.  There were two new families that joined us in our camp.  We were able to set up tents by the seashore.  It was a great time of fellowship, and we heard great preaching from our young preachers!  My son, Caleb, was the youngest of them; it was a great blessing for me to hear him preach with such passion.

As we continue to knock on 500 doors every week, we are seeing another great harvest of souls trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ.  We were able to reach and share the Gospel to 133 people.  These are the ones who were willing to be dealt with one-on-one during our soulwinning time.  We had 106 first-time visitors and 13 people publicly profess their faith in Jesus through baptism.

The first week of May was very exciting and busy week for our ministry.  On May 2nd, we had a special service at our Tarlac Mission work.  Our preacher there prepared a 70X30ft. tent for the 3PM service.  There were a lot of first-time guests who came.  During the service, a strong wind came through and lifted the tent and brought it down to us during the pouring rain.  We praise God for His protection.  We all squeezed in a small room when the rain was too heavy, and we continued the service.  The storm did not stop the preaching of God's Word, and several people were saved including my aunt, uncle, and other relatives who we have been praying for 4 years.

On Sunday, May 5th, we celebrated our 13th anniversary in Baguio City.  We had 203 first-time visitors and 37 people came forward for salvation during the invitation.  We, also, ran out of chairs in our junior church service.  Praise God for bringing us over 200 children that day!  My uncle and aunt, who got saved on May 2nd, attended, and I had the privilege to baptize both of them!  Mr. Honorio and Mrs. Evelyn Medina are now faithful members and workers of our Tarlac Mission.  Please pray for them as they grow in the faith!

We were also honored that people from Westwood Missionary Baptist Church in Florida came to visit us for these special days and Mission Pastor Doug Wiersama was our guest speaker.

June is the start of our rainy season and the start of our school year.  Our academy, that we started last year for our orphans and my two sons now has 3 new students enrolled.  We had our first day of school on June 3rd.

It is our prayer that our school will be able to help more orphans and kids who cannot afford to be in school.  It is my prayer that more churches will begin to support this ministry.  We praise God for two of our licensed teachers who are teaching our children.  They are both volunteers, and once in a while, we are able to give them some allowance as people give to support this ministry.

Cedric and Christine both got saved in our church.  Cedric came to our church 1 year ago; he finished a B.S in special education as our local University.  He passed the teachers licensure exam last year, and at the same time, he also graduated from our Bible school.  Christine was reached by one of our members who is also a teacher.  Currently, Christine is taking up her Master's degree in education.  She is enrolled in our Bible school and recently resigned from her well-paying job so that she can help educate these children.  Please continue to pray that we will be able to have more financial support for this very special ministry.

From June 17th-19th, we were invited to preach to the public school in Tuding and Ucab near the province of our city.  We were able to preach to more than 5,000 public school kids, and we had the privilege to give them a bilingual English & Tagalog New Testaments.  Thanks to Faith Baptist Church, my pastor, Mark Smith, and the great ministry of Bible Literature Missionary Foundation.

On June 28th, my members honored me and my family for my birthday.  It was very encouraging to me personally to see our members appreciate the work God allowed us to go throughout the years.

On June 30th, we had our Workers' Appreciation Day and the Bible school graduation.  During our Sunday afternoon service, I was able to honor our workers and gave 5 special awards to those who have done exceptionally well this year.  We also had 4 graduates from our Bible school.  I had them all give a speech to thank our church and specially honor their parents.  It was a most memorable service.

I thank you all once again for praying and supporting our ministry financially.  I hope and pray that you will continue to do so and that many more churches will take us on for support!

July, August, & September 2019 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

The 2019 year is going by very quick, and we are praising God for what the Lord has done through our ministry in the month of July and August.  Though it has been storming every week, God continues to bless our soulwinning efforts.

In July, we were able to share the gospel to 121 people through personal soulwinning.  Fifty-six of those to our church for the first time and seven of them got saved followed the Lord in baptism.  On Sunday, July 28th, we had our quarterly missions emphasized.  Our members were encouraged to do mission work in our area and to support our local missions and also our foreign missionaries.  Considering the average pay in our city for 8 hours of work is 370 pesos ($7.40).  Our members still made a commitment to support missionaries.  Because of their commitments and sacrifices, we were able to support 5 new missionaries, and we now have a total of 21 missionaries.  We are currently supporting them for 500 pesos or $10 a month.  In the area of local missions, we were able to increase our support to 3 of our graduates.  Jonathan and Marvin started local churches while Brian handles our youth ministry and school campus ministry.  They were receiving 1,500 pesos ($30) allowance weekly, but now, we are able to increase it to 2,000 pesos ($40) weekly.  I challenged our people to sacrifice just like those in the United States in the area of missions.  Praising God because they too are learning to sacrifice for missions.

It rained for the whole months of August, and we always had a storm on the weekends.  Regardless of the weather, we were able to reach 120 people with the gospel as we continued to go out and win souls.  There were 98 first-time visitors who came to the church services, and 9 of those who got saved were baptized.  We, also, added a Wednesday morning service to accommodate those who have a hard time coming to our Wednesday evening service.  We praise God because those who are unable to attend our evening service are now attending our Wednesday morning prayer and Bible study.

I was invited to the opening and introductions of the police internal cleansing program in our region.  This is headed by a three-star general who is a believer.  The cleansing program worked when he was a regional director in Southern Luzon.  From more than 100 police men who were involved in corrupt cases, there is now only 5 corrupt police cases during his time of being the regional director.  The program is Bible-based because we know that only Jesus Christ can transform lives.  During the seminar, I was asked to give Bibles to 2,000 police officers and be the coordinator of the program.  I praise God for this opportunity and for the Bible Literature Missionary Foundation and Faith Baptist Church of Tacoma for shipping Bibles to our country.

We are currently raising $5,000 to ship another container of Bibles, and we are hoping that it will be here by November.  The container is now ready to be shipped, but we need the money to cover the shipping cost.  If you can help, that will be a great blessing.  You can send your contributions to MLBBC Missions Inc., 8031 Kooy Drive, Munster, IN 46321, and write in the memo that it is for the shipment of the Bibles.

My pastor, Pastor Mark Smith, will be coming to visit us from November 2nd-8th.  We have many plans for his visit.  Please pray that God will provide all the necessary expenses.  While my pastor is here, we are planning to have a big day on Sunday, November 3rd.  We will be having a Law Enforcement and Public Official Sunday.  Please pray that many of our police officers and politicians will be at this service.  We will also be taking my pastor to meet our president, members of congress, and also members of the senate.  We hope to be able to give them Bibles, too.  Please pray for the necessary expenses for this trip.

Please continue to pray and support our ministry as we keep on striving to reach more people for the Lord.  We are now continuing with our building program by enlarging our auditorium to accommodate the growth of our attendance and making a simple dormitory for our staff, Bible students, orphans, and the homeless seniors.  We added a Lighthouse Program Against Dependency Sunday School class, and every Sunday, our local police bring people to our church who have cases on drug addiction.  We have special class for these people we are willing to overcome their drug addiction.

As the Lord opens more ministry for us, please continue to pray and support for the necessary expenses.  Our support has dropped 60% already.  In spite of this, God still continues to provide in the past 13 years.

Thank you for all your faithfulness to our Saviour and supporting to ministry God entrust us to do.  Looking forward to writing you all the victory and the fruit of your labors in our next letter.

December 2019 & January 2020 update from Bro. Medina & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Happy New Year to you all and thanking God for your faithfulness in praying and supporting our ministry. I waited to write this letter so I can include the visit from my pastor, Dr. Mark Smith, to the Philippines from January 16th to February 1st, 2020.

We are praising God for His great doing.  On December 15th, we had a thanksgiving offering, it was equivalent to one month’s expenses.  We praise God because we raised enough money to build dorms for orphans.  During our evening service, we also had our annual end of the year gift giving for our community.  We had 86 adults and 160 teens and children in attendance for the first time.  Many came forward for salvation, and new families are being discipled to continue to grow their faith.  It is also very exciting to see these new converts invite their friends and family members to our church.

On December 22nd, after our evening service, we had our annual midnight cry.  This is our soulwinning event from 10pm-2am in downtown Baguio.  Praise God for more than 40 soul winners and 64 people heard the gospel and asked the Lord for salvation.

On January 16th, my pastor arrived in Manila at 10:00AM.  My boys and I picked him up at the airport and brought him to the National Bible Conference in Manila so he could preach the last message for the day.  We got to the service on time in spite of the traffic.  After he preached, we went down to SMX, Manila to celebrate for the first time, the National Baptist Day after 120 years of the Baptist presence in the Philippines.  Pastor Smith was one of the speakers, as the president of the Bible Literature Missionary Foundation before 8,000 people.  There were senators, congressman, mayors, and police generals were in attendance.  The highlight of the day is when our country’s President Rodrigo Dutarte attended this historic day.  Before Pastor Smith spoke and addressed the crowd, Pastor Reuben Abante and Pastor Benny Abante preached the Gospel in the presence of our county’s president.  Our president spoke for almost one hour and also stayed and listened to the 600-voice choir and 120-member orchestra.  He was given a leather bond Thomas King James Bible from Pastor Mark Smith and Faith Baptist Church.

Growing up in the United States, I was taught to be patriotic.  I am glad I was taught that way because when I came back to the Philippines to preach the Gospel to my country men, I developed a love and patriotism to where God wanted me to be.  I love the Philippines, and I am also teaching my boys to love our country.  That is why I am showing them a good example by attend the National Baptist Day.  This was not just a religious service, it was also a celebration of Patriotism, letting The Philippine President know that the Baptist people loves this country.  Jesus Saves was the last song our president heard.  After the song, he gave two thumbs up.

On January 17th, we continued to attend the conference, and Pastor Mark Smith preach for the evening service.  On Saturday evening after we met with the representatives of a Bible printing ministry in Manila, we drove 3 hours north to Baguio City.  We arrived around 10:00PM and got enough rest for the service the next morning.

On Sunday, January 19th, we celebrated my 14th year in the Philippines.  The auditorium, the children’s church, and the nursery were jammed packed for both the morning and afternoon services.  We had 156 adults, 70 young people, and more than 120 children come for the first time.  Pastor Mark Smith preached a couple of very powerful messages.  During the morning service, 49 people came forward for salvation; we dealt with them one by one and read their names publicly.

On January 21st, we drove 2 hours southwest to Lingayen, Pangasinan with the invitation of the Mayor to preach the Gospel and give 500 employees a copy of the King James Bible provided by BLMF.  We also gave the Mayor his very own 50th BLMF edition of the King James Bible.

On January 22nd, we drove back to Manila for the TV interview of Pastor Smith talking about the importance of the Bible and our desire to bring Bibles in every home in the Philippines.  After the interview, at 11:45 PM, Caleb, Malachi, and I along with 3 young men drove my pick-up truck full of Bibles Iriga, Bicol, where we met Pastor Mark.  He had taken a very early flight from Manila to Bicol so that the next day we would all arrive at the same time to be the speakers at the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church and Ezer foundation conference.

On January 23rd-24th, we attended the conference.  Pastor Smith spoke about the history of the King James Bible and closed with a very challenging powerful message.  Around 11:00PM, we drove back to Manila, which was another 9-hour drive.  Pastor Mark Smith stayed in Manila to speak at 2 different churches for the Sunday service while I was home in Baguio to speak in both of our services.  After the evening service, we drove back to Manila to be with our pastor.

On January 27th, we went to congress had a meeting with congress minority leader along with other Baptist pastors.  After the meeting, we went to the congress hall to hear Pastor Benny Abante gave his privileged speech on the importance of the Bible, and we also gave each 350 members of the house of Congress their very own 50th edition of the BLMF leather bond Bibles.  We also had dinner with House Speaker Congressman, Allan Cayetano, who is a Bible believer.  He and Pastor Mark had a great time of fellowship.  The House Speaker invited us to his office to pray for him.

On January 31st, we took an early flight to Manila and arrived at 8:00AM and drove 3 hours north to Tarlac City and preached at a college chapel at a Christian School that has 1,000 students.  More than 100 college students came forward for salvation.  To end this trip, we were scheduled for a private dinner in Manila with House Speaker, Allan Cayetano, and his wife Congresswoman, Lanie Cayetano.  This dinner was initiated by the House Speaker so he can talk and fellowship with my pastor before he leaves for the states.  We had great dinner and pastor gave a Bible history portfolio to the Congressman.  He told us he will put that on display in his House Speaker office in congress.  The congress minority leader, his wife, his daughter a city councilor of Manila and his brother Pastor Reuben Abante was also present at this dinner.  After the dinner me and Pastor drove to Clark 2 hours north of Manila and slept for the night where my family is waiting.

On Saturday, February 1st, my family and I had breakfast with our pastor and then we took him to the airport for his flight back to the United States.

It was a great experience for me to tag along with my pastor and given the opportunity to meet with key leaders of our country.  I had a great time fellowshipping with him and listening to his advice.  What an honor to be with him for two weeks and letting me tag along with him so I can experience how Faith Baptist Church brings great impact in the Philippines.

After his visit, my family and I drove to Baguio so we could be in our Sunday service, and on Wednesday, I spoke during the evening prayer service.  It is truly an honor to be in God’s ministry.  I thank God for keeping me in the ministry, and I thank you for your prayers and support.


  June 2021  
Upcoming Events


Youth Group
6:00 PM
A great time of Bible study and great fun with other teens.
6:30 PM
BIble Teaching and Prayer


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9:30 AM
Practical Bible Study of All Ages
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We have an exciting program to teach children God's Word. For more information how you can enroll your child please contact the church and ask for Mrs Kelly Howe. From preschool to 6th grade.
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2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Sonshine Ministries will be at the Leach Home this Sunday afternoon. They will hold a Service that will be starting at 2pm in the Activities Room. The Leach Home is located at 58 Colonial Circle, Brewer, ME


Youth Group
6:00 PM
A great time of Bible study and great fun with other teens.
6:30 PM
BIble Teaching and Prayer