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August 2017 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Warm Christian greetings from the island of Mandanao Philippines!

Our island was under martial law since the month of May because of the presence of terrorism in the place of Marawi which is 4 hours’ drive away from our place.  By God's grace and protection, we are all safe and our place is safe and peaceful with the presence of the government troops from every place.  This situation will last until the end of this year of until the presence of terrorism will be totally eliminated.  We thank you and appreciate your prayers for us.

Our work in the ministry continues, Bible studies, soul winning, and evangelism.  We have had many visitors.  Sunday after Sunday, the Gospel is being shared.  God is saving souls.

Our constructions is still on-going as the Lord provides.  The prices of construction materials are getting higher.  We just finished constructing the ground floor's beam and soil filling has been completed.  We are now worry-free since our place is flood-prone.  I will keep you informed further as the Lord gives progress.  So again, much appreciation for your prayers and concern.   We are forever grateful!  Until then, I bid you and yours God speed!

December 2017 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Thankful for the victories of 2017 as the year will come to an end, and once again, we are witnesses of God’s faithfulness.  God’s grace and provision are sufficient, and we become victorious in all the challenges we have faced.

This year, we were able to fully paid our church lot property and was able to elevate it, but the church building construction is still in progress.  Souls got saved through the preaching of God’s word and new members were added to the church.  Our mission work marked its 4th year anniversary, and during the celebration, twenty souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.  Members are more dedicated and growing in faith.  Our ministry continues and praying that God will bless us more and enlarge our coast, leading more souls to Christ and creating more dedicated followers of Christ.  What a mighty God we serve!  He deserves all of our praises and service.

We are more than thankful in your partnership to our ministry.  Thank you for all of your prayers and financial support; me, my family, and church family are forever grateful.  We keep you in our prayers and thanking all of you for every second spent praying for me and our ministry and for all the support you have offered - of every kind.

We pray that God would continue to bless you.  May you all have had a blissful holiday season!

January, February, & March 2018 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

We say "goodbye" to the months of January, February, and March past and "hello" to the new month of April.  How time flies!  I hope that this update finds you all safe, happy, and busy in God's work.  Praise and thanks be to our gracious Heavenly Father for keep and sustaining us all down through the first quarter of 2018.

Our youth camp took place with the theme "Conformed or Transformed."  Romans 12:2 says "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God."  This was to challenge our youth to be committed to serving the Lord and not be conformed to this world.  Many youths from different churches here gathered together for this event.

During the month of February, Pastor Bob Simpson from Louisana visited us and helped with some of our previous ministry activities: feeding the poor and children centers.

At the end of March, we had our baptisms.  Please pray that these new converts will remain faithful in serving God continually.

In the meantime, construction has ceased and will resume when further funding becomes available as God provides.

We are forever grateful and frequently remember you in our prayers.

June, July, & August 2018 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

We are forever grateful for your continued prayers and financial support.  It helps keep our "oil burning" on this side of the world.  We value your partnership, and we keep accountable with our work in the ministry to God.

Three years ago, I was in America to raise funds for our building lot project in our mission in Mindanao.  Three years ago, my prayers were answered.  We were able to acquire a piece of property, and after the property was paid in full and our building permit was released in 2017, we started constructing the building.  We still held our meeting place in a rented space while the construction was on-going.  Wiring was installed, but due to lack of funding, continuation was hampered.  For this reason, before my visa expired, I needed to go back to America to report and share my burden to finish our building project.  I believe that we can do more in the ministry with the use of our own church building.  Then, we can accommodate more visitors, and have a place from the elements to teach and preach.

Another reason, I returned to America, was to renew my partnership with some churches who stopped supporting our work here.  My brother plans to start a new mission work before the year ends, please consider him in your prayers.  Personally, I am excited to see another "Silas" in the ministry.  You are all a special part of these many labors.

It has been a goal and desire to expand our ministry to include teaching preschool someday as an arm of the ministry to reach young students and their parents.  As preparation, my wife took an exam for Licensure for Teachers.  Praise God, she was able to pass!  Out of 76,673 people, only 23,963 people successfully passed the exam, and my wife was one of them.

As always, many thanks for your much-needed prayers and financial partnership.  I also want to thank all of the churches in America who graciously accommodated me during my recent visit.  It was so nice to meet with you all.  Please continue to pray for us as we frequently do the same for you and your families.  We are forever grateful!

October, November, & December 2018 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Seasons Greeting to you all!  During the past year, we have gratefully acknowledged and praise the Lord for His provisions and blessings toward us.  Our ministries are but humble labors for Him.

I returned home in October.  On my first Sunday back, I preached in my former church in Luson, then went straight to Mindanao.  I was once again happily reunited with my loving wife and precious children.

Once back in the field, they were Bible studies, visitation, soul winning, and other ministerial works to be done.  There is one family who was baptized the 2nd week of December, and we recently concluded our 5th mission anniversary with the theme "Be an example to follow Christ."  There were 11 souls who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Please pray that these souls will grow spiritually and will continue to serve the Lord.

Our building construction will resume in January.  By that time, rainy season will have ended, and the weather will be fairer.  We are excited to see our building finished and be occupied during services, so we can cater to more visitors and start new ministries.  We cannot thank you all enough for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and generous gifts/donations, which enable us to continue our building construction.  You are one of my joys in the ministry.  My family and I will forever be grateful!

January, February, & March 2019 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

I hope that God is doing many wonderful things in your life this 2019 as He is in us.  Our building construction is still on-going, and though it is not yet completely finished, I am glad to share with you that we have already used it for services.  We can cater to more people now compared to our rented space.  There is room for children's classes, a place for visitors, and a space for a new believer's class during Sunday School!  It is also a joy to share with you that every time the Word of God is being preached, there are souls who profess to receiving Christ as Saviour and Lord.  There is victory in Jesus!

We thank you and appreciate all of your prayers, financial support, and sacrifices.  Thank you for being with us in all of our endeavors and visions here on the island of Mindanao.  My family and church family are grateful and thankful!

April, May, & June 2019 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who counted us faithful putting us in the ministry.  Our church mission in Mandanao continues to fulfill God's great commission to preach the Gospel.  The Lord gave us a lot of opportunities to share the Word of God.  We now have access to share the gospel to the "men in uniform" and other government officials.  This quarter, we, also, extended our mission to Katipunan, where Bible studies and soul-winning were conducted.  Bro. Marjun Palubon is our new local missionary there, and the first service will be held during the first week of August.

During April, our region conducted the summer youth camp.  It was held in Oroquieta City, three hours from Dipolog City.  I was tasked to preach as the main speaker, and I considered this a big opportunity as I was able to challenge the young people from different churches to serve God.  After just three nights, one of our teenagers, Reymark Carontoc, who attended the camp decided to dedicate his life and study at Bible school.  He desires to be a preacher someday.  Please pray that he will remain steadfast in the faith and for his spiritual growth.

The time of April to June is summer in the Philippines!  Through daily vacation Bible school and or food ministry, we were able to feed bread to children from different areas.  Thank you for your continued financial support.  Because of you, we were able to do this ministry!

Our building construction is still going.  We praise God for His provision and for all of you for your unending support through prayer and financial assistance.  You all have a big part in our ministry and for that we will always be forever grateful!  Once again, thank you.

July, August, & September 2019 update from Brother Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines:

"Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the Word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you" 2 Thessalonians 3:1.

God has blessed us for opening not just doors but windows in spreading and preaching the gospel.  We are conducting regular Bible studies with the "Men in Uniform."  Aside from the highway patrols, we now have the access to share the Bible with airport police.  Campus ministry continues, and school heads from the different schools are very accommodating.  I want to thank you for keeping us in your prayers.  Wherever and whoever this ministry reaches are also your fruits.

We sincerely appreciate you for your faithful prayers and partnership.  We frequently remember and pray for you and your known concerns.  My family and church greet you and bid you all God speed!  Amen.


  June 2021  
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Youth Group
6:00 PM
A great time of Bible study and great fun with other teens.
6:30 PM
BIble Teaching and Prayer


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9:30 AM
Practical Bible Study of All Ages
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Youth Group
6:00 PM
A great time of Bible study and great fun with other teens.
6:30 PM
BIble Teaching and Prayer