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Shrivnauth Guyana Mission

July/August 2017 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

In July and August, when our attendances go down because of school break, God still blessed with 111 saved and 15 baptized in the church and its ministries. 

Our VBS was a tremendous blessing.  It was absolutely remarkable how God worked.  A total of 690 attended for the three days ranging from ages four to eighteen.  Forty-seven received salvation.  We are following up on each one and trying to reach others in their families for Christ.  The VBS theme was simple – “My son, give me thine heart.”  God worked mightily each day, especially on the third day.  Over 100 teens made wholesome decisions to stay pure, get involved in church, and allow God to use them.  Several of them made decisions for full-time service.  We had a skit about the True Heart, Evil Heart, Young Christian, and the King.  Each day the Evil Heart tried his best to get Young Christian to do wrong and to disobey God’s Word.  The True Heart tried to persuade Young Christian to listen to the voice of the King.  Finally, Young Christian decided to listen to the voice of the King.  In doing so, his reward was true riches and heavenly rewards.  On the final day, a big treasure chest was given to him.  It was filled with gold and precious jewels.  This was one of the best we have had.   

We are gearing up next month for our mid-October faith promise mission conference.  It is always one of our most anticipated events in the church.  I love world missions and the opportunity it affords to give more to reach the lost around the world.  Until that time we are staying in the vineyard keeping busy with the harvest.  Please stand with us and thank you for persistently praying for us. 

September/October 2017 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

In October, we had our annual missions conference.  This is really one of the highlights of the year in our church's calendar.  The theme was "That They Might Hear" - Romans 15:21.  The international missions banquet was a feast.  It featured food that included cuisines from Martinique, Morocco, Myanmar, and Montenegro.  We enjoyed the preaching and the excitement that goes with world missions.  I was excited about the fact that a faithful teen girl in the church answered God's call to be a missionary.  The faith promise commitments of the people were good.  I believe more people are giving to faith promise this year compared to the last couple of years.  Lastly, I have to say that the music for the conference was fresh, Spirit-filled, and upbeat.  All the songs focused on world missions.  I can't wait to see what God will do with our people and in our church for worldwide missions for this coming year.

We have been busy in the last several months trying to finish the ground floor of our church.  There have been some delays, but things are coming along smoothly.  In the ministry from September through October, we saw 136 saved and 16 baptized.

As I sit here writing, I am thinking about Christmas.  It won't be long now.  I love Christmastime more than all other holidays.  Ever since I was little, I would hear the songs of Christmas, and though I was not saved at the time, they would draw me to this mysterious Babe of Bethlehem in the "yonder stall," as one of the Christmas carols sings.  I am glad that a little later on I got saved.  Then there is that Christmas tree - festive and decorated.  It stands cheerfully undaunted by the winter's chill.  It reminds me of another tree so long ago.  In the midst of the coldness of unbelief, the ravages of satanic onslaught, it stood.  On it hung the Loving Lord of Glory in crimson red.  Because He paid the ransom for my sins and yours, we can now enjoy the beautiful things He offers us - peace, forgiveness, joy, eternity in our hearts, and eternal life for our souls.  Those are truly wonderfully beautiful gifts.  Christmas is, without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year.  Think of it.  You get holiday snacks, hot chocolate, and cookies; you get to savor the aromas of Christmas morning breakfast; and then, the opening of pretty gifts wrapped in love, warming the soul with holiday cheer.  It all brings this wonderful season of joyful songs and merry wishes into sharp focus.  We get to celebrate the zenith moment in history that a Saviour was born - the express image of the invisible, omnipotent God.  On one bright future day, that I believe is hastening very near, we will walk on streets of gold.  We will live in His abiding, glorious, majestic, everlasting presence.  Have a Merry Christmas to all of you.

November/December 2017 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

God gave us a great year last year.  Our church has grown both in numbers and also spiritually.  Compared to the last couple of years, our attendance is up, and salvations and baptisms have increased.  The missionary program and faith promise have also increased.  I believe we have more committed and faithful people now and God has sent to us more workers for His harvest.  This makes us look forward to “greater things” this year.  Please be in prayer for us.  All this does not take place without a fight and opposition from Satan.  When the battle seems fiercest the victory is surest if we stay in the fight - Acts 18:9-10.

Let me give you some statistics from last year.  These numbers may not look like a lot for some, but for us, it was a significant gain.  Salvations for November through December 2017 were 133 and baptisms 18.  For the year 2017, salvations were 1,255 and baptisms 105.  In November we had a tract-passing competition for three weeks.  One hundred and two thousand, six hundred and ninety-two tracts were taken and handed out.  That comprised tremendous work by our church people.  We awarded first, second and third place prizes for the winners. Each received beautiful Christmas food baskets loaded with goodies and food for the holidays.  In December, we passed out another five thousand Christmas tracts to shoppers, pedestrians, and commuters to work.

Now for some family news.  We had our lovely little granddaughter and her mom (our daughter, Natalie) come to visit us in November.  They were here for ten days.  Mercedes was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in June 2017.  She is our first grandchild.  Her mom and dad and her other set of grandparents are so in love with her, and so are we. It was the first time we were able to get to see her in person and to hold her in our arms.  We got to love her, squeeze her, kiss her and do all those things that grandparents do – three words, “spoil her rotten.”  Mercedes Lily is absolutely adorable.  She has a sweet smile, beautiful gleaming, attractive eyes, and a very pleasant personality. You may think being a grandparent that I am exaggerating, but I am not.  Over-excited, yes, but not exaggerating.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thank you for being our faith-partners as we proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the multitudes in the valley of decision.

May 2018 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

Ephesians 5:27 states, "That he might present it to himself, a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish."  I love God's church.  However, I also know that before God uses His church, He must also purify the vessels.  God told Paul in Acts 9:15 that he was a "chosen vessel," and He went on to purify Paul - see 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.  In the past twelve months, I counted nine people in our church who thought they were saved.  They realized later that they were not saved and made sure of their salvation.  All of them are either teens or young adults.  One of these young adults was raised in our church from birth.  This person is not in another country studying at a Bible college.  Another young adult is being greatly used of God in our church.  Another is planning to study ministry, and another has been called to be a missionary.  In the process of being purified, all these young people are facing or will face some tough times.

This week some of us, adult men, along with some younger men joined in an all-night men's prayer meeting.  What a wonderful time to meet in prayer together with a bunch of praying men.  Every week, we pray on Tuesday, but once a year, we pray all night.  We sing and fellowship a bit.  I teach them something about prayer from the Bible.  We praise, give requests, and break up into groups to pray.  At times through the night, we pray together as one group.  We pray about certain aspects of our church, our missionaries, and other ministries of the church.  We pray for more laborers.  We also pray for our world, persecuted Christians, and for our local and national leaders.  Twice in the night, we break for coffee and light refreshments.  This is a nice part of the whole thing.  I believe this to be the best all-night men's prayer meeting we have had.

Over 23 years ago, God helped us start Victory Baptist Church, which I still pastor.  Out of this church, we have trained men to start three other churches.  Recently, I got to preach in a church that was started by one of the churches that we helped to start.  So, now, we are seeing our babies grow up and have babies of their own.  As far as church planting is concerned, I am thrilled.  The name of this new church is Cornerstone Baptist Church.  It is pastored by a man who was saved at Victory Baptist Church and was a former Hindu.  His church is in a remote jungle village of the Amazon rainforest.

I also got to preach recently in another one of the churches we helped start.  It was their third-year anniversary.  The church is named Harbor Light Baptist Church because it is located in a place that is a port for many ships.  They are doing well, reaching the lost, running buses, and supporting further missions.  I was happy to see the work going forward when preaching as Harbor Light Baptist.

During the months of March and April, there were 95 salvations and 23 baptisms.  People are still being saved because someone is willing to go.  Please pray for the "goers," for the laborers, for more people who will be committed to the task of soul-winning and church planting.  Families here are devastated by drunkenness, drugs, and immorality.  Very few people in the younger generation are getting married; most just live together without marriage.  This is such a blithe on the home.  It is very hard to reach this generation for Christ, but God is still working.  We want to be part of that work.  Thank you for joining us by your financial gifts and prayers.  May our labor together reap much fruit from the harvest.

July 2018 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

I pray all is well with you.  As the heat of the summer sun increase and the days get longer, my prayer is that you will take the opportunity to also increase your witness for the Lord, no matter where your travels may take you.  We pray for you and praise God for your love to us and for your abounding support for our ministry.  The Lord has blest us with long-time, faithful supports.  These are the churches, pastors, people, and individuals who have stayed with us in season and out, through the years.  May God bless you, your family, your church, and your work for Him.

Our church has put forth a strident effort to train more soul sinners, and the results are already being seen.  We have now more qualified soul winners who are bringing in more fruit from the harvest.  The training is ongoing, and we expect to see better things accomplished for the Lord's work.  As you already know, this is not done with the enemy opposing our efforts.  Some of our people are finding that their employers want them to work on Sundays.  Steady jobs are not easy to find, and life here on the mission field is definitely a huge challenge.  Many times, our people have to go far away into the "bush," as they call it, to find employment.  They work for gold mining companies of in the lumber industry.  These isolated camps are located deep within the Amazon Rainforest.  Their pay is menial, and the work is back-breaking.  The risk of getting malaria is always present in those areas.  There are no churches, and the people they work around are rough and ungodly.  You can imagine how detrimental it is for young Christians to withstand that crowd.  Please keep these in mind as you pray for us and the work of our Lord here.

Praise the Lord there have been 100 salvations and 20 baptisms in our church during the months of May and June.  Thank you, once again, for your faithfulness in support!

August 2018 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

As the hot summer months wind down and the summer birds prepare to fly south and autumn's beautiful colors take form as the air gets cooler, as if there is a changing of sentinels, may God help each and every one of us from changing in following God's pristine, pure, fresh, beautiful, majestic, eternal, and unchanging Word.

Since our last newsletter, two months ago, there has been a beehive of activity around here.  First of all, in July, we had our Vacation Bible School for two days.  Five hundred and twenty children came from ages four to eighteen.  Sixty-three accepted Christ as their Savior.  We used the colors of the Guyana flag as the theme, which incidentally are the same colors as the Wordless Book.  The name of the Guyana flag is the Golden Arrowhead.  During VBS, we had the Golden Arrowhead puppet singing a song about the Wordless Book and the Crayon Box song every day.  The children loved it.

In August, we traveled to America so I could have surgery done on my left thumb.  This was in order to remove a cyst.  I thought it would be a small operation, but it was actually a major surgery with me having to go to sleep.  Please pray for good healing and for recovery of the bending motion of my thumb.  It is dominant hand since I am left-handed.  Besides that, we had lots of preparation to make to send our daughter, Gretel, off to Pensacola Christian College.  She wants to study nursing, but for now she is enrolled in pre-med.  Please continue to pray for us and for her as we lose a wonderful gourmet cook, a great soul-winner, and an otherwise splendid, all-round wholesome girl.  She will be greatly missed at home.

We, now, have two children left at home; three have left the nest.  We are excited to see how God is using them and for them making themselves available for His use.  We did get to see our son, Rydal, as Hyles-Anderson College, where he is in his final year studying media production.  Our oldest, Natalie, finished Bible college at Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, Kentucky.  She is married to her husband, Josh, and they have our first grandbaby, Mercedes.  We got to visit with them for a couple of days in Drummonds, Tennessee, where Josh's father pastors a church.  They are doing well, and Mercedes is so cute and smart as a whip for a 14-month-old (as of August).  From there, we traveled to Pensacola, Florida, to take Gretel to college.  Pensacola is balmy and beautiful.  We drove 5,555 miles during the five weeks that we were in the U.S.  In the midst of all of that, we got to visit four of our supporting churches in Pennsylvania, where we make our home base in the States.

It's now September, and we are back in Guyana in the thick of the ministry and at the forefront of the battle for souls.  We are looking forward to our October Faith Promise Missions Conference.  We will let you know how that goes in our next prayer update letter.

During the months of July and August, there were 133 salvations and 11 baptisms.  Please keep us in your prayers and thanks ahead for all that you do for us and for the Lord.

November 2018 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

Psalms 16:7 mentions, "I will bless the Lord who hath given me counsel."  Isaiah 11:2 talks about "the spirit of counsel and might."  I believe there is might or strength in good counsel.  The best counsel is God's Word.  As Thanksgiving rolls around, I would like to thank God for giving to me and my family "the spirit of counsel and might" as we serve the Lord on the mission field.  There are always battles to fight and to overcome.  Praise God, we are overcomers.  The Lord has done some great things for us this year.  Some of these include the growth of our church, the last stages of completion of our church's auditorium, finances to upkeep our family and ministry (God bless all our supporters and prayer warriors), and good health even as there are problems as we get older.  We have now sent three of our children to that illustrious institution we call "Bible college."  One has graduated, one is nearing graduation, and the third one just started this year.  As our family downsizes, we miss our children who have left, and we cherish the time we have left with the two who are still with us.  Eventually, I know that the two who are with us will join the others and go to the realm where the young eagles must learn to fly (Deut. 32:11).  The Lord has been good to us.  I am reminded of what Proverbs 10:22 says, "The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it."  From our family to yours, we would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for the 171 saved and 19 baptized in the ministry from September to October.  Last month, we had a really wonderful faith promise missions conference with missionary, Robert Smith, as our guest speaker.  God has used Brother Smith and his family greatly in his twenty-five plus years on the mission field, first in Nigeria, and for the past fourteen years, on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean.  Our missionary conference is one of the great highlights in our church calendar.  Our people always pour their hearts and talents into it.  The devil always seems to work hard to hinder us, but I can say this, God worked even more to help us.  The missionary enterprise of our church continues stronger and unabated.  The faith promise commitments are up from last year, and last year came in well.  The theme for the conference was "They are still waiting" from Isaiah 6:8.  Our theme song was the chorus, "Let Them Know."  At our international banquet, we featured desserts from Poland, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Pakistan.  They were all very delightful!

With all of that said, we are looking forward to the Christmas festivities at our church.  We still go caroling, conduct a candlelight and lantern Christmas Eve service, have a Christmas Gospel tract blitz on the streets during December, and bring in the New Year with a special Old Year's Eve Service.  Our next letter will not be until January of 2019.  So, until next time, we would like to wish you all a joyful, Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!

December 2018 / January 2019 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

We have the report for the year of 2018.  This is what took place in our ministry here in Guyana.  There were 710 salvations throughout the ministries of our church, and 108 followed in baptism.  Of those, 104 were saved just in the months of November and December and 15 were baptized.  We rejoiced and praise God for His work in our lives to bring forth fruit.  Thank you, each and every one of you, who pray for and support this ministry here with your finances.  One day, we will all rejoice together in Heaven for being co-laborers in the harvest field.  We will see all the faces of those for whom you and I have prayed and given toward so that they might be saved.

In December, our church was able to pass out 8,491 John and Romans pamphlets and over 10,000 Christmas tracts in the surrounding area of the church.  In December, we also had a nice Christmas dinner for students of a small medical university nearby.  The students are mostly from India, Africa, and the Caribbean islands.  Eighty of them came and a few of them accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  Our Christmas Eve candlelight and lantern service went very well as did the Watch Night service on New Year's Eve.

Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support during the year of 2018.  May 2019 continue more in love and service to our great God and Saviour.

February/March 2019 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

One hundred and thirty-nine came to know Jesus as their personal Saviour in the months of January and February.  This is inclusive of all salvations in our church's ministries.  Ten followed in baptism.  To some, that is a lot; to others, that may seem like a small number.  Things are different in every country and on every field.  It is not as easy here at it may first appear to those who come to visit.  We are always grateful for this harvest that we can reap, and there are always some to be harvested.  Since we have been here for the past 24 years, you have been our partners and co-workers in this work.  Thank you for your part in praying and holding us up in your love and support.  Could we have done is alone? Not at all.  We would have quit a long time ago if it was not for you, the Lord, and the call to missions.

The political crisis in our neighboring country of Venezuela has caused a lot of refugees to come to Guyana.  Though Guyana is non-Latin in culture and language, the country has opened its arms to their neighbor.  We are now reaching Spanish-speaking people from Venezuela and also from Cuba.  Many Cubans are here because of their political and economic crisis.  There is a Cuban medical doctor in our church who was saved before she came here.  She volunteered to be our interpreter to a group of Venezuelan fishermen.  They work on trawlers and come to our port city of Georgetown to sell their fish.  We have been going for several weeks to meet and witness to them when they come in from the sea.  Dozens of them have gotten saved through this.  One young man named, Edwin, works on his dad's fishing trawler because there is no work for him in Venezuela in his field as a civil engineer.  He was saved in a Baptist church on the Island of Margarita off the northern coast of Venezuela.  He desires to go back to his island to start a Baptist church like ours.  I am praying that God will lead him to live in Guyana so that I can train him and send him back to Venezuela.  He is on fire for God and seems very willing.  Please pray for him.  I have called this new ministry, the "Spanish Boat Ministry."

In February, my wonderful wife and I celebrated 29 years of marriage.  Our church provided a nice little cake for us and celebrated with refreshments and fellowship after the evening service on Sunday, February 10th, the actual date of our anniversary.  God have given us a beautiful marriage.  She has shown a lot of mercy to me, and in return, I have tried to be good and give her grace.  I like what God told Israel through the prophet, Hosea, "I will betroth thee unto me ... in lovingkindness, and in mercies" (2:19).  You can say our 29 years together have been a beautiful, mercy-giving, grace-filled marriage.  Praise be to God!

On February 27th, God gave us another grandchild.  Our daughter, Natalie, and her husband, Joshua, had a beautiful baby girl, Selah Hope, born to them.  This is their second child, and she is as cute as can be.

We are planning to be on furlough from May-August this year.  We hope to see many of you then.  Thank you for praying for us.  God bless all of you!

April/May 2019 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

Greetings from our furlough in central Pennsylvania.  We began our furlough on April 17th and will be stateside until September 3rd, at which time, we will return to the field.  Most of our travels on furlough will be taking us to the central states where we will be concentrating our meetings.

Our son, Rydal, graduated with honors from Hyles-Anderson College.  We were present for that, and it was good to see old friends and college mates from when we were in college there.  Pastor John Wilkerson is our friends, and he is doing a fine job at First Baptist Church in Hammond and at the college.  We were really encouraged to be there and to see what is happening on campus at Hyles-Anderson and at First Baptist.

Our daughter, Gretel, is home with us for the summer break from Pensacola Christian College.  She will be traveling with us on furlough until she returns to college for her second year.  She is working hard with her pre-med major and is doing well.  During our first two weeks of our furlough, we were visited by our daughter, Natalie, and her husband, Joshua, and our two lovely little granddaughters, Mercedes Lily, almost two-years-old, and Selah Hope, just over two-months-old.  Our two granddaughters are absolutely adorable and cute.  On Mother's Day, May 12th, we had a very nice meeting at Grapeville Baptist Church in upstate New York.  My sister, Lydia, and her husband, Charlie, are members there.  In 2015, God did a work in Charlie's heart to bring him to Christ, and Charlie made sure of his salvation.  We had prayed for him for about 30 years.  Charlie himself will tell you that it was a rough haul for him over those 30 years.  Thank God for His grace and mercy.  They put us in a nice lodge to stay.  We have never stayed in such a beautiful, upscale place, which was also in a resort area of the Catskill Mountains in New York.  There, on a partly cloudy, moonlit night, in the cool brisk spring air around an open-pit fire in the outdoors of the scenic Catskill Mountains, their family and ours roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  It was truly a delightful and special time for us all.

The church in Guyana reports 168 saved and 24 baptized for the two months of March and April.  Brother Aubrey is doing a tremendous job in our absence, and we are very happy and thankful.

Our pastor friend, Brother Sam Carns, of Open Bible Baptist Church in Warsaw, Indiana, has taken on a project to help us with the sound system for our church's auditorium in Guyana.  We have a great meeting with him and his church recently.  The overall cost for the sound system is $2,500.  He and his church are giving $1,000 toward it.  Fir you can help with the rest, it will be much appreciated, and we will be very grateful.  You can make donations designated to "Sound System Guyana" and send it to our mission agency, BIMI, for us.  This is the address: PO BOX 9, Harrison, TN  37341.  If any additional money comes in beyond the cost of the sound system, it will be put to helping with the cost of chairs/benches that we still need.

We look forward to seeing many of you.  Please keep us in prayer as we travel.  We are praying that God will use us to be an encouragement and a blessing to all the churches where we will be having meetings.  We appreciate all that you do in praying for us and helping us to do the work of the Lord wherever we are.  God bless!

June/July 2019 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

On July 2nd, we went to Mt. Salem Revival Grounds and Camp in West Union, West Virginia for their patriotic service.  It is really one of the nicest church camps you can ever see.  It is nestled in the beautiful hills and hollars of West Virginia.  It was a splendid summer afternoon.  We ate wonderful foods from the concession stands, heard beautiful music from the Voices of Praise summer tour group of Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, Kentucky, heard a great patriotic speech by President Ronald Reagan on the big screen and saw brilliant fireworks in the evening sky.  It is not July 4th.  I am writing from a prophet's chamber in Fairmount, West Virginia.  I hear the gongs of an outdoor clock chiming that it is 6:00PM.  It is coming from the church tower of Victory Baptist Church.  This is one of our long-time supporting churches.  The gongs remind me of old-time churches, ringing the bell for the starting of services.  I believe it is the old-time churches that are still preaching the old-time ways of the old paths that have truly made America great.  Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalteth a nation..."  Psalm 146:5 tells us, "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God."  I love this land.  I am privileged to be an American and to live in this great nation (at least while my family and I are on furlough).

Our furlough is more than half done.  We have had tremendous meetings in all the churches that we have visited.  We have been treated kindly and have been given the red-carpet treatment.  We are refreshed and encouraged by the firm stance of all the churches standing on Biblical grounds in a culture of decay and debauchery.  We have gained a couple of new supporting churches.  We are very grateful.  Fellowship Baptist Church in Canton, Ohio collected a coin offering in their VBS and gave it to us for the sound system of our church in Guyana that we mentioned in our last letter.  The church doubled what same in during the VBS, and it had more than met the need for which we asked.  That was such a wonderful blessing to see God work.

We are in constant contact with the church in Guyana.  Brother Aubrey tells me that the Lord is really blessing and the people are going great gains in our absence.  That is so good to hear.  Every missionary knows what I am talking about.  He told me that 135 were saved and 4 baptized from the beginning of May to the end of June.  That is really good news.

Thanks for praying and thanks for caring for us.  We still have much to do before the end of our furlough.  Please continue in praying for us.  Prayer is a formidable and unsurpassed weapon in the spiritual war.  We see the effects and we know is works.

August/September 2019 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

From July to August, our church in Guyana saw 104 saved and 11 baptized.  We thank God for the people being faithful while we were on furlough.

Furlough 2019 is officially over for us.  We arrived safely in Guyana on September 3rd.  However, we had to dodge Hurricane Dorian as we flew to Miami.  We were delayed about one and a half hours, but everything went smoothly.  After we got back to Guyana, me wife and daughter because feverishly ill.  Not only that but we had no power, water, phone, or internet.  I took that to mean: "Welcome back to the mission field."  Thankfully, the utilities and phone and internet services are back on, and my family is recovering.  The Devil is mad that we came back, but that is okay.  He can stay mad because everything is all right in my Father's house.  We will continue to pull brands out of the fire that were destined for hell.  The Devil can stay mad, but we are glad.

We are thankful to all the gracious people, sweet friends, and wonderful churches that helped us and refreshed our souls while we were on furlough.  May the Lord reward you kindly and abundantly for your love toward us.  We pray in some small part that we were a blessing to you, too.

The total miles driven for the four and a half months of our furlough were 22,743.  Thank God for no breakdowns or accidents.  We covered churches from New York to Arkansas, and from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and Florida.  We had 42 meetings.  Twelve of those were new meetings.  Thank God for five new supporting churches!  It was a fabulous furlough, and we saw several people saved along the way.

There is much work to do now that we are back on the field.  Please continue to keep us zealously in your prayers, and thank you for your financial support.  Please pray as we plan on hiring several people on staff to train them in the ministry and soul-winning.  These are people who we identify as servants and who are committed to the things of the Lord.  Also, pray that God would call others to the ministry who we can train.  We started the Burning Bush Bible Institute many years ago to train people for the work of the Lord.  You can help us by coming to teach a modular course.  If you have a knack for teaching and would like to help, please contact us.  You can either send a curriculum for us to teach or bring it yourself to teach.  Video curriculum is desired, but book form will work as well.

Finally, pray for our family's health and safety, and our three oldest children in the US.  Our son, Rydal, and daughter, Gretel, are in Bible colleges (Golden State and Pensacola).  Our oldest daughter, Natalie, and her husband, Joshua, along with our two cute granddaughters are on deputation and heading to South Africa as missionaries.

It is because of the Lord's mercies and your giving that we are standing on the winning side.  We shall continue to press forward for Christ until His soon coming and glorious return.

October/November 2019 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana:

Warm blessings to you from God, our Heavenly Father, and from His Son, Jesus Christ.  For this time of the year when the cold and snow settle upon the ground, it also does sometimes in our lives.  As Christmas approaches, I love seeing nativity scenes in yards or even on Christmas cards.  It reminds me of the great event of the First Coming of Christ to earth.  All the beauty and wonderment of Christmas radiates with the splendiferous hope that the King of all kings was born to be our only true Savior.  The angel said, "Thou shalt call his name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins."  The most beautiful Christmas tree ever was the one that stood outside Jerusalem on that old hill some two-thousand years ago because on that rugged tree hung the most beautiful gift and adornment known to man.  On it hung the Savior of the world.

On behalf of our entire family, we would like to wish you our warmest blessings for the beautiful holiday season.  May the Lord grant you a Thanksgiving of joy, a Christmas of hope and wonder, and a New Year of peace.  Thank you for blessings us with all of your gifts of love, finances, and prayer throughout the year.  We look forward to your continued support for the coming year.

It has been a little over two months since we came back from furlough, and I have to say that I am much encouraged by what I see in our church and ministries.  Every seems to be up.  The people are growing in spiritual maturity.  Our faith promise commitment is more than last year.  Soul-winning and discipleship have grown.  We are adding on to accommodate with numerical growth.  Our Bible institute has picked up with new students.  However, it all comes with a price.  I do not believe I have ever seen the Devil attack us and our people more in the 25 years that I have been here.  However, through it all, we have not given up or backed down.  As a matter of fact, our faith has been strengthened, and our zeal more resolved.

During September and October, there were 206 salvations, either through soul-winning ministries or at the church.  Thirty-one followed in baptism.  I wish I would tell you the stories of each one.  We hold public school Bible clubs, a Spanish boat ministry for Venezuelan fishermen on fishing trawlers, and Indigenous People's Bible hour at the Indigenous People's hostel.  We have a jail ministry and a pray ministry for patients in the public hospital of our capital city.  We have groups of people who help us in all of these ministries.  By far, the biggest, and I believe, greatest ministry of our church is our bus ministry.  We bring scores of people on 15-passenger mini buses, which we hire.  Each one is packed with 25-30 riders, sometimes more.  If you get a chance, please come and visit us.  You will be amazed and humbled by the faith of some of these people who have very little in life.

December 2019/January 2020 update from the Shrivnauths family, our missionaries to Guyana.

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards, gifts, and money you sent our way.  Our family enjoyed a marvelous Christmas.  Two of our children who are in Bible colleges in America joined us for the holidays.  Our church family had a special Christmas Eve candlelight service with a choir Christmas musical on the Sunday evening before Christmas.  Food and festivities followed.  It was all so charming with all the glory and blessings of Christmastime.  We also did Christmas caroling on the night of Christmas Eve at the dormitories of two local medical colleges.  Over seven thousand Christmas tracts were passed out during December.

Here is what your investment garnered in 2019 here on the mission field in Guyana.  For the year of 2019, there were 963 salvations and 114 baptized in our entire church ministry.  We started two new ministries last year - one reaching refugees from Venezuela and the other reaching indigenous peoples who come to the capital city, mostly for medical help from the government hospital.  We hired one young man on staff who is being trained in ministry.  Two others are already on staff being trained.  One of these is called to foreign missions.

I am thinking of starting a food bank to help the refugees.  They come from Venezuela with little more than the clothing on their backs.  There are several new housing developments that have popped up around us in the last few years.  We are planning to put a whole Bible or a New Testament with an appropriate Gospel tract and an invitation letter from our church on every door of every family who lives in these areas.  This year, I am also thinking of expanding our Bible institute curriculum to the level of getting a certificate of diploma for those who finish.  I want to enlarge our zeal and vision to go soul-winning, church planting, Gospel preaching, convert discipling, and stick with the tried and proven, historic, Baptist distinctives as found in the old King James Bible.  You don't know how much your prayers and support mean to us.  You are friends.  We count it an honor to have you on our team.  Maybe it should be the other way around.  WE count it an honor to be on your team.  Make no mistake about it; it is teamwork.  You, we, and the power of God make this thing go.  You are so gracious!

In November through December of 2019, there were 211 saved and 34 baptized.  The church has grown, but we are desperate for more laborers.  Will you think of helping us in this great mission field?  Take a visit.  It might make the difference.  May God bless you all with a bright and prosperous 2020!