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September 2017 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

We want to praise the Lord for His goodness.  What a joy it is to see people saved when you're out soul winning!  Recently, we came across a young man named Christian.  When we began to talk to him, he realized that despite his name, he wasn’t a real Christian.  I used the Bible to explain the plan of salvation and Christian became a Christian. 

A few weeks ago, we had one of the men from our church go to Zambia and Botswana.  Praise the Lord, we could send with him: Bibles, tracts, and several follow up materials.  Again, God was very gracious; people were saved and fed through the Bible.

The last few months have been very busy and full of challenges.  I had a follow up appointment with my doctor and it was discovered that I had cancer.  After much prayer and counseling with the doctor we decided to have surgery.   The doctor told me the surgery went well, and he believes that he got all the cancer.  A week after surgery, I ended back up in the hospital because of blood clots.  We are back on the road to recovery; the doctor has told me it will take some time to recover.  I am eager to get back to my regular schedule of getting the Gospel to all the world.  In the meantime, I'm still soul winning and sending portions of the Gospel to wherever I can.

Susie and I want to thank you for being so faithful during these times. Your prayers and love make a difference not only to us but also to those we are giving the Gospel.

April 2018 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

God has been doing some great things in our lives.  I have been delaying this update for a short time so that I would be able to get the results back for my kidney and cancer tests.  My kidneys have stabilized yet not improved, but I will be able to travel.  I, also, received good news from the cancer test, and everything is looking good.  I am praising the Lord for His goodness.

I just returned from a mission's trip to Belize.  God has done some wonderful things in that country, and I was able to help a young missionary start Bible studies, go soul-winning, and make Gospel deliveries throughout the country.

While I was there, God burdened my heart to help reach a people group that most people don't want to go to.  The name of this group is the "Garifuna" people.  I was able to lead some of them to Christ while I was there.  We had a Bible study where 17 people showed up and 3 people were saved.  I will be making several trips there to help the young missionary start a church with these people.  I will also be taking Bibles, tracts, and other follow-up materials in order to help in any other way to reach these people.

God is blessing my soul-winning.  I was able to lead people to Christ not only in Belize, but also in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Longview, Texas here in the US.  Please pray as the Lord has opened so many doors that I will be able to meet the needs of the people around the world.

Thank you again for all your love, prayers, and support.  Only Heaven will reveal all that we've done together here on earth.

June 2018 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

God has been doing some tremendous things for us.  I have had my check up for my kidneys and for the cancer.  I'm praising the Lord that I am now cancer free and the kidneys are holding their own.  This has opened the door for me to go back to traveling full-time.  I will no longer be teaching at the college.

We will be moving to Oklahoma City and our sending church will be Maranatha Baptist Church in Bethany, Oklahoma.  My son-in-law, Allen Domelle, became the pastor there.  Moving here will help me in a couple of way.  First of all, it will put me close to a kidney specialist that I will need in the future.  Also, we will have a place for my wife to be able to have help and care while I travel being close to our daughter.

I made a trip to Belize two months ago to help a young missionary start a work with the Garifuna people.  These people have been overlooked by many people.  we had people saved and started a Bible study.  The work is starting to progress to where he will be starting a church around the first of August.  I will be traveling down there to help him start the church.  I will be taking Bibles, tracts, and follow-up materials.

I've been seeing people saved while out soul-winning.  Last week, I was able to lead a young man to Christ.  God have given me a greater desire to accomplish more because time is short.  Thank you for all of your prayers, love, and support.  Susie and I want you to know how important you are, and only Heaven will reveal what you have done of the cause of Christ.

July 2018 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

Praise the Lord!  God has been blessing our soul-winning in a great and mighty way!  We have seen many people saved and coming to church.  God has really burdened my heart to work harder on follow-ups.  I have been going out to pick up recent followers: Ron, John, and James, to help them become more faithful.  Please pray for young Christians that they may not be discouraged.

I have been asked by a young missionary couple to come to Kurdistan in the Northern Iraq area.  I need to be very careful what I print because of their safety and not to close the opportunity they have been given.  They will be starting the first Independent Baptist Church in this area.  I have been asking to help them with Scripture as they have only the Gospel of Luke and Acts available.  The dialect there is Behdini.  Please pray that I will have the wisdom to know how to help them and what to do about traveling there to be an encouragement.  They have given me the best time to come, and I need to pray for the finances to be able to go.

We can't thank you enough for all that you do to keep us moving forward for the Lord with His gospel.

December 2018/January 2019 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

We are so thankful as we came to close another tremendous year that the Lord has given us.  It had been a great year of soul-winning and seeing new converts come to church and make a public profession to be baptized.  I led Eric to Christ while our knocking on doors, and he has been very faithful to all services.  Last year, a very dear man, who was a 91-year-old Marine went to be with the Lord in Heaven.  I am grateful for his service to our country and that I had the privilege to lead him to the Lord.  It's so important that we give people the gospel when we can.

I just had kidney surgery on my left kidney.  That is the only functioning kidney that I have right now.  The surgery went well, and the doctors are very encouraged.  I want to thank you all for the prayers for me.  The Sunday before my surgery, I was able to lead a man to Christ.  The following Wednesday, the day of my surgery, he was baptized.  Praise God!

I will be traveling on January 17th to Belize.  I helped send 1,000 Bibles to be given away at a school there.  I will be preaching to about 1,100 people.  Please pray that many of these souls will be saved.  The Lord has given me a busy schedule for 2019, and we are praying for God's blessings to pour out on all of these opportunities.

God allowed us to finish 2018 with a great week of soul-winning.  During that week, I was able to lead an 18-year-old young man, a 63-year-old man, a 103-year-old lady, an 88-year-old lady, and a 13-year-old boy to Christ.  You are never too young or old to accept Christ.  Glory to God!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.  Only God knows of the tens of thousands of people that have had an opportunity to receive the gospel because of your generous giving.  God bless!

Spring 2019 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

God has been doing some great and might things these past few months.  I delayed this prayer letter to give you some updates on my health.  I had taken some test for my cancer and kidneys.  Just got the results from the doctor yesterday.  God has been so merciful and they both came back with good results.  I will be seeing a doctor for my lupus next Friday.  I've been sent to a rheumatologist.  Thank you all for praying.

In February, I was able to make a trip to Belize and be with Missionary, John Harris and his family.  As you know, I was able to help send 1,000 Bibles for a high school that need them.  I was able to go and meet with the Vice President of the school and was able to lead her to Christ.  She was so excited and became a great help in organizing the soul winning.  I was able to preach to over 700 in their big gymnasium.  Then, I was able to go from class to class for those who are not able to attend because of a special test.  There were over 300 that raise their hand to receive Christ.  Also, I was able to go house to house and lead people to Christ.  Then, we went to a village and saw some people saved.  It was such a great trip to Belize.

Last week, while out soul winning with my granddaughter, Ashley, we were able to lead four people to Christ.  One of them was a 97-year-old woman; another was an older man who had just had a kidney transplant and was not doing well.

The Lord has been blessing us in a special way.  God has allowed us to see many people saved.  Thank you for allowing Susie and I to share the gospel with so many different people of the world.  Thank you for everyone for your love, prayers, and support.

May 2019 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

Time has been flying by very quickly.  God has given us many opportunities to see somebody accept Christ as his or her Saviour.  When we were out knocking on doors, we saw a man, Michael, walking down the street and stopped to witness to him.  When we walked away, we rejoiced because he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour.  A few weeks later, we were able to see RJ and Stacy trust Christ as their personal Saviour and follow Him in baptism.  Last week, while we were out in California, we were able to see a lady trust the Lord as her Saviour.  There are people that need to be saved everywhere.

We have been given the opportunity to help a young couple out of our church to prepare to send the New Testament to Indonesia.  They have finished translating it and now are proofreading it in preparation to send it to the printers.  We are also trying to help people in Kurdistan and in Myanmar to be able to print some spiritual material for new Christians.

I have been traveling from one end of America to the other, and it has affected my health some.  Please pray that God will continue to give me that strength as I continue.  Thank you for everything you do to help in sharing the Gospel.  Susie and I want to thank you for all of your prayers, love, and support.

June & July 2019 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

I have been helping our missionary from Indonesia who has been working on a KJV-like translation of the Bible in the Indonesian language.  The initial translation of the New Testament is complete, and there are only 8 books left to proofread in the New Testament for it to be ready for publishing and printing.

Please imagine just before you got saved: what if the person who witnessed to you opened a Bible to John 3:16 and read the following:
For Allah so loved the world that he awarded his only child that each person who believes in it should not perish but earns everlasting life.

That is the John 3:16 in the current popular "bible" in the Indonesian language.  In many places, it teaches salvation by works and uses the name of the false god, Allah, in place of God.  It also teaches salvation through baptism, takes away Jesus' Godhead, makes Jesus the same as Lucifer, and many other major corruptions.  I, also, have been helping them financially prepare to publish this for printing and then to distribute it to the Indonesian people.  Also, I plan to help get Bible to Kurdistan and Belize.  Much of the world hasn't got a real Bible to compare their false religion to.

God has been so good in our soul-winning! I was able to lead three men to Christ on a Saturday through door-knocking, and the following Tuesday, I was able to lead two ladies to Christ, too!  Please continue to pray for our health as we travel.  Thank you for your support.

September 2019 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

Thank you for praying for Indonesia and us.  God is greatly blessing in answer to your prayers!  Cheryle and I arrived on the island of Bangka in the western part of Indonesia on the evening of August 12th.  I brought files of our translations of the books of the New Testament on a USB drive, went to a photocopy shop, and had 50 copies made of a booklet containing the Gospel of John, Galatians, Ephesians, and 1 John.  Each day, there was witnessing to the people using those booklets, and each night, I preached from one or more of these New Testament books.  One morning, a Chinese lady professed faith in Christ, and the following evening two teenage girls professed faith in Christ.  Another blessing is an older married couple renounced Buddhism to proclaim faith in Jesus Christ!

We are praising God for the might work in that Muslim country.  We are still providing supplies and encouraging these volunteers by preparing the Scriptures for these precious lost people.

We are now preparing to help with the printing of the books of Luke and Acts for the country of Kurdistan.  I will be helping buy many of these to help a young couple pass them out among the Muslim people.  I cannot mentions too many details due to fear of them being forced to leave the country.

Back in the US, our personal soul-winning has also been amazing.  I lead a couple from Cameroon to Christ along with 6 others in our area.  Three of them have already chosen to be baptized!  God always does amazing things!  Thank you and your church for your continual love and support.

November 2019 update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

We are so thankful for all of God's blessings upon us.  God has given us many opportunities to work with people around the world.  We ask you to continue to pray for all of these opportunities.

We are working with a missionary couple to help them reach the Yezidi camp with the distributions of the New Testaments in an area in the Middle East.  I have to be careful of not hindering them from getting the New Testament to the Muslim people otherwise I would tell you where they are going.  They just had a huge influx of 60,000 refugees come into the camp.  We are asking for wisdom in how to get the Bibles into the camp at this time.

I had surgery on my one good kidney about three weeks ago.  Since then I had a little complication and need to have surgery again on the same kidney.

While recovering from my kidney surgery, I was able to go out a little bit at a bus stop.  I was passing out tracts and witnessing for the Lord.  God allowed me to lead a man to Christ.  One of the women, I invited to church, came to the next Sunday services.  God has allowed me to win others to Christ and some of them got baptized.  God has been so good to allow me to reach people even during this time of recuperation.

Please continue to pray for the Indonesia Bible translation.  I got a report from the missionaries that have financially helped.  Our four-week trip into Indonesia was a successful, real-world text of the effectiveness of our Indonesian translation of the Bible.  During the trip, twelve people professed faith in Christ.  These people were lead to Christ using several finished books of the Bible (John, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and Revelation) from our translation.  In addition to the salvations, five people were baptized during the trip.

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support they are a great help at this time.  Always remember that you will receive rewards in heaven for giving and sacrificing to make all of this possible.

December 2019 Year End update from Steve & Susie Heidenreich in global missions:

God gave us a great year in 2019 for people to hear the Gospel!  God also used that year for us to be able to help get the Bible into the hands of many people throughout the world.  It started with sending over 1,000 Bibles to Belize; then, I flew over to be there when they passed them out at a high school; and I was able to preach with the conclusion of 400 people getting saved!

God opened the door for us to help the Kurdish people receive Bibles.  We have been waiting for a long time to be able to get these translated Bible printed.  We are working hard to get them into camps and villages along with some of the Syrian refugees.  Once the Bibles had been printed, people were clamoring for get them.  One young man, who expressed interest in the Bible, patiently waited four years to receive a Bible.

God allowed us to work with missionaries out of our church by helping them with the translation of an Indonesian Bible.  The New Testament has been finished, and we are working on the proofreading.  As soon as it is finished, we will begin printing and putting them into the hands of the Indonesians.

My goal for 2020 is that I will personally put a Bible into someone's hands each week of the year.  I have been able to win some men to Christ in the past few weeks, and I followed up with them.  Some were baptized and joined churches.  They have all received a Bible.

The Devil has been at work to stop me.  I had another surgery in December on my kidneys.  However, God has been faithful by allowing me to still move forward.  I have been getting out, witnessing, and seeing people saved.  I cannot thank you enough for all of your prayers and support for my wife and I while we work at getting the Gospel to all of the world!